How to get a Nightclub in GTA Online?

We teach you everything you need to run a nightclub in GTA Online. Learn how to gain fame for passive money making and how to conduct illicit warehouse business.


  1. How to get a Nightclub in GTA Online?
  2. What to do to start the nightclub?
  3. How to earn and increase nightclub fame
  4. Manage warehouse business in the nightclub

The Nightclubs are a type of business existing in GTA Online since arrival in multiplayer update After Hours in 2018. Thanks to these premises we can generate money from passively and perform other illicit activities, as well as festivals in the city of The Saints.

In this section of our guide we tell you how to open a nightclub, gain fame for it and what to do when managing this type of business effectively.


How to get a Nightclub in GTA Online?

Nightclubs in GTA Online are a type of property that can be purchased, like so many others, through the web on the Internet from our mobile phone. Specifically, nightclubs are for sale on the Maze Bank Foreclosures page .

  • There are 10 nightclubs in total available to purchase –and they are all located in the city of Los Santos.
  • The cheapest nightclub: itis the one on Elysian Island, for a price of $ 1,080,000.
  • The daily rent:for a nightclub is $ 2,000 and this cannot be closed.

When buying a nightclub we can decide what aesthetic it will have , its dancers, lights and more. In fact, you can buy up to three parking spaces with capacity for 10 vehicles each.

An important detail is that when buying the nightclub we can also install up to four extra floors of logistics storage , something relevant in case you want to get the most out of this business (so consider spending the money to buy them all).

What to do to start the nightclub?

The activation of our nightclub , once we have bought it, is somewhat peculiar. First you must go to the building to meet Tony Prince, who will show you everything and will take you to the office with the operations computer and the safe.

To be able to interact with the nightclub computer, you must be registered as a VIP or head of an Office or be the President of a motorcycle club. In this way you can activate two preparatory missions in Free Mode to open the nightclub and then you will have a third automatically:

  • Staff mission:you will have to pick up 3 Club workers at 3 points in the city.
  • Team mission:steal a Party Bus in the desert and take it to the Club.
  • DJ Mission:You must go in search of your first DJ, Solomun, who will be at the Los Santos airport.

After completing these three missions, the Nightclub will be fully operational and up and running and you will be able to do whatever you want with it. Remember that later the resident DJ can be changed by hiring others available such as Tale of Us, Dixon or The Black Madonna, which cost $ 100,000.

How to earn and increase nightclub fame

The Nightclub operates on a reputation or fame system . This is similar to supplies in other types of businesses, that is, we need to make sure we keep the club’s fame high so the business can flow so we can make money over time.

  • On the club’s computer, in the Nightclub Management section: you willfind a button that says “Promote the club”. This is to activate a promotion mission.
  • This type of promotion missions: theyhappen in free mode and consist of advertising the club, looking for celebrities and more.
  • Club Fame:Increase 25% of total with each promotion mission completed.
  • In addition to doing promotions:we earn up to $ 5,000 depending on the time of the mission, and this money can also be collected by members and recruits of our organization or band.
  • The club’s fame bar:consists of 5 segments or units and is reduced by 25% each game day.
  • You can also increase the fame of the club:dancing inside the premises, which will make it go up to 50% (1% for every minute). If other players dance, it will go up 0.1% per minute per player.

Passive Daily Nightclub Income

Keep in mind that if the fame of the nightclub is very high, every 48 real minutes we will earn $ 10,000 per day automatically, without doing anything else. This is a passive way to earn money thanks to the nightclub. Depending on the percentage of fame we have, the daily earnings vary as follows:

  • Between 0% and 29% of fame: Youearn $ 1,000 daily.
  • Between 30% and 59% of fame: Youearn $ 4,000 a day.
  • Between 60% and 94% of fame: Youearn $ 9,000 a day.
  • Between 95% and 100% Fame: Youearn $ 10,000 per day.

Nightclub safe

The money earned from the club’s fame will go to the nightclub’s safe . This box can store up to a total of $ 70,000 , therefore you have to be aware of it to collect the money when the cap has been reached or otherwise we will not continue to earn more.

Manage warehouse business in nightclub

Special illicit deals can also be conducted in a nightclub . These are available in the “Management of the logistics center” section of the computer, although they have very specific requirements in order to be activated.

  • You need to have an office box warehouse .
  • You must have bought a Bunker .
  • You will need to have acquired the 5 types of biker club businesses .

If you have these other businesses going (even if they are not currently generating supplies), then you can hire up to 5 working technicians at the nightclub to order them to generate products and supplies from those businesses. Be careful, it is only recommended to hire them if you already have the aforementioned businesses, otherwise you will be wasting money.

If you get into this business, you will also need to have bought the nightclub warehouse extensions , since that will be where the products generated by your technicians are stored and thus you can accumulate more. On the other hand, you can also purchase nightclub security or personnel upgrades to streamline the entire process.

Sale of Nightclub Products and Profits

The sales of products store the Club are held in different vehicles depending on the size of the sale; on a Custom Speedo, Custom Mule, or Custom Pounder. In them you have to go to a point or several scattered around the map to deliver the merchandise.

All supplies can be sold at once, special orders, or just one class. Note that Tony always takes a 10% commission at the end of the sale (up to a maximum of $ 100,000).

These are the amounts of money you can earn for selling the maximum number of warehouse products in the nightclub:

  • All Product / Supply Types – Youearn $ 1,690,000.
  • Merchandise and shipments: Youearn $ 500,000.
  • Huntinggear – You win $ 500,000.
  • South American Imports: Youearn $ 200,000.
  • Pharma Research – Youearn $ 170,000.
  • Organicproduce : you earn $ 120,000.
  • Photocopies and prints: Youwin $ 60,000.
  • Banknote Printing: Youearn $ 140,000.
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