GTA Online: Top 5 Businesses You Should Buy To Make Money

We recommend the best deals you can buy in GTA Online to make a lot of money and get rich as quickly as possible. Invest in them and you will win.

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  1. Import and export of vehicles
  2. Bunker and arms trafficking
  3. Biker club venues
  4. Night clubs
  5. The Hangar

The business world in GTA Online is vital if we want to get really rich and make a lot of dough. In the multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V it is normal to be somewhat lost at the beginning and not know what properties exist , which are the cheapest or which businesses you should acquire . In these terms, there are several businesses available that are more lucrative than others and, for this same reason, you will be interested in buying them as soon as possible to start producing money in huge quantities.

In this post, below, we present you the 5 best GTA Online businesses in which to invest money and time to earn a lot of dollars quickly. Take good note.


Import and export of vehicles

Stealing and selling is one of the most lucrative ways to get rich in GTA Online and in that, the business of importing and exporting vehicles is a favorite of the community to make money. Not surprisingly, it is possibly the fastest way to earn big bucks.

  • In this business there are two variants:on the one hand the loading of special merchandise and on the other the export of vehicles.
  • In order to carry out this business you need to:buy an Office through the Dynasty 8 Executive website and become the CEO of your own organization.
  • The cheapest office is:the Maze Bank Building, which is located in Del Perro, West of Los Santos, and costs a total of $ 1,000,000.

Once you buy an office, go to it and log into the main SecuroServ computer . From this you can organize the business. To operate the special merchandise you have to buy warehouses in the city, ranging from $ 250,000 to $ 3,500,000 (depending on the size of the warehouse).

The idea of ​​this business is to steal low, medium or high-end vehicles (preferably the latter) to later sell them and deliver them to their buyers. The better the vehicles and the more pristine they are, the more money we will receive.

Advantages of importing and exporting vehicles

  • It is the business with the highest earning potential per hourif you are skilled.
  • The warehouses and garages available are located in the city of Los Santos, so you don’t have to make long tripsin this business.
  • It can be done with friends or alone.
  • Special merchandise loads can fetch you $ 240,000in a complete small warehouse, $ 735,000 in a complete midsize warehouse, and $ 2,220,000 in a complete large warehouse.
  • The export of vehicles will bring you between $ 15,000 and $ 80,000depending on the vehicle delivered and its bonuses.

Bunker and arms trafficking

The Bunker business is one of the most beneficial that you can acquire to generate money through arms trafficking .

  • In order to carry out this business you need to:buy a bunker through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and access the Disruption logistics computer.
  • The cheapest bunker is:the Paleto Forest Bunker which costs a total of $ 1,165,000.

In the bunker you can steal supplies or directly buy them to keep the production line running and generate money. It is a business that requires a lot of work and time , but it can be very beneficial, especially if it is combined with other businesses and carried out with friends.

In addition, it is possible to improve the profit rate by investing money to buy upgrades for the bunker, such as equipment or personnel upgrades.

Bunker Advantages

  • The bunker can function as a dwellingif you buy the respective upgrade, as well as a gun locker and firing range.
  • When you enter a bunker you immediately lose the policeif they are looking for you.
  • Bunker upgrades allow you to install weapons andspecial technology on vehicles and your weaponry.
  • If you steal the supplies, you will make a profit of $ 1,050,000for selling them in Los Santos.
  • Buying the supplies will save you time, but you will earn less money. Even with that, you will get about $ 675,000.

Biker Club Venues

The clubhouses of bikers are a type of business very profitable and relatively inexpensive that also becomes very fun if you usually play with a group of friends (available for up to 8 members).

  • To be able to carry out this business you need to:buy a biker club through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website, also known as a motorcycle club, and be the president of it to organize work from The Open Road computer.
  • Cheapest Biker Club:$ 200,000.

By buying a biker club and being the president, you will be able to organize various illegal businesses from your computer. These are of 5 different types and are activated by buying a fake documents office, a counterfeit money factory, a weed farm, a meth lab, and a cocaine warehouse.

Each of these companies can also be improved to speed up production, increase the value of supplies, increase the available staff, and so on.

Advantages of Biker Club Venues

  • When you have several businesses running at a good production level, a constant flow of moneyis generated .
  • They offer a wide variety of missionsthat adapt to different styles.
  • You can invest as much money and time as you want in them.
  • You can earn from $ 36,000for a full supply of forged documents to $ 232,500 for a full supply of cocaine.

Night clubs

The night clubs are kind of ideal for business lovers and music festivals .

  • In order to carry out this business you need to:buy a nightclub through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  • The cheapest nightclub is:the one on Elysian Island, which costs $ 1,080,000.

A nightclub generates passive income every day , so you can earn money while doing other things. For this you have to increase the fame of the club and keep it high through its promotional missions.

In addition, in nightclubs , a product warehouse business can also be carried out alternatively , which gives even higher profits. Although for this to work at the highest level, it is advisable to have the bunker and biker businesses acquired.

Advantages of nightclubs

  • If the fame of the nightclub is maximum (between 100% and 95% possible), each day it will generate $ 10,000
  • The club can be upgradedfor faster revenue, more staff for popularity, and more.
  • It’s a great business to combinewith the bunker and biker business.
  • Payouts for illegal nightclub businesses can range from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000for each box.

The Hangar

The Hangar business is one that fans of GTA aerial vehicles will love .

  • In order to carry out this business you need to:buy a hangar through the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  • The cheapest hangar: itcosts 1,200,000 dollars, at the Los Santos International Airport.

In the hangars we can conduct business in conjunction with our Organization or our biker club . In this way you can smuggle narcotics, chemicals, jewelry, tobacco and alcohol and much more.

However, the Hangar business missions are somewhat long and tedious , making it a business more focused on players who like flight mechanics or groups of friends who work together.

Hangar Advantages

  • It allows you to store your air vehicles, as well as customize them if you buy the workshop upgrade.
  • You can also upgrade a hangar with its own accommodationto use as a spawn point.
  • Performing the air transport missions will gradually unlock discounts on airplanes.
  • You can earn approximately $ 150,000 per hourfor selling large numbers of boxes.
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