How to install Curlew the multimedia converter for Ubuntu?

Linux Ubuntu is one of the best programs today, since this terminal has an infinite number of functions when entering commands, it gives Linux much more value. That is why today’s appointment is for you to learn how to install Curlew the multimedia converter for Ubuntu.

Embark on this journey to learn how to effectively use your Linux operating system, from viewing active processes in Ubuntu and killing them , to everything related to this tutorial.

Sticking with Windows alone is too old-fashioned as well as limiting. If you are a software developer or simply a fan of trying new things, you have reached your tutorial.

What is Curlew? And what characteristics does it have?

Before getting into how you can install Curlew the multimedia converter for Ubuntu , you should learn a little about what it is, so you don’t get lost later.

Ubuntu allows you to install packages or programs from your terminal , providing a more accessible way to obtain various kinds of software and applications as required in this tutorial.

Basically this is a program for multimedia conversion, which uses ffmpeg on videos and audios. Among its main characteristics are:

The first and one of the most important things is that it weighs next to nothing, as its package size is tiny, and it has few dependencies in the library.

It is also compatible with most current formats, so a project can be saved in hundreds of different formats such as: MP4 and its variations MP4HD , MP4SD , MP4 but with panoramic and full screens, in turn it handles more complex formats like  AVI, 3GP, XDIV, among others.


It also includes specific formats for phone and other devices such as LG chocolate, PS3, NOKIA N810, Android, iPhone, among many others.

Not only the formats are an advantage, but also its interface is very easy to use with features that let you see the value of the progress, duration and approximate size of a file. It also lets the videos be subtitled and allows a specific part of the file to be converted and not the whole of it.

As if that were not enough, it even gives you a preview of the file in question, so installing Curlew the multimedia converter for Ubuntu is one of the best things you can do to improve your life.

Install Curlew the multimedia converter for Ubuntu

Now if what you came to, how do you install this great tool? Well, since Linux is free software, you just have to use the Ubuntu terminal to install it correctly.

Also, remember that you can share any multimedia or other specific file thanks to Ubuntu’s connection to a Windows network with a crossover cable to be able to enjoy both operating systems.

The first thing to do is obviously open the terminal, for this use the combination CTRL + ALT + T, once the pressures will open automatically and allow you to type the command you want, put sudo add-apt-repository ppa: noobslab / apps && sudo apt update && sudo apt install curlew.

Then hit enter to confirm and the installation should begin. To uninstall it in case you don’t like it or you no longer need it, it’s almost the same, just open the terminal again and put sudo apt remove curlew to remove the program and then sudo add-apt-repository -R ppa: noobslab / apps to delete the repository.


With the latter, everything is ready, you already know how to Install Curlew the multimedia converter for Ubuntu whenever you want and also uninstall it in the same way (neither process should take more than 5 minutes).

So go ahead and try this wonderful tool that only has advantages to offer. In addition to the fact that after he returned from the rest he had a few years ago, its creator does not stop updating it with new functions that are better adapted to each of the users.

So if your goal is to become a great video editor, or you just want to view content online in any way you please, this is the perfect tool for you.


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