How to install Anbox Android application emulator on Ubuntu Linux?

There are currently many Android applications that attract the attention of users. However, some require a powerful and up-to-date phone to function. A quick and inexpensive solution is to install the Android Anbox application emulator on Ubuntu Linux

Remember to free up hard disk space in Ubuntu Linux to use these applications correctly from the computer.

The number of users who use Ubuntu every day is growing due to its flexibility and wide variety of different versions. Now that there is the possibility of installing Android applications on this operating system, it makes more people have an interest in it.

Steps to install pre-Anbox items

The Anbox emulator makes use of two kernel modules in order to function. If these are available, do not open a problem with the installation, but if not, the emulator will not work. The modules are called ashem and binder.

When the time comes or when you don’t need it, you can uninstall the program or application in Ubuntu from the terminal , without major complications and thus avoid taking up space on the hard disk.

Ashem and Binder installation

In order to know if the computer has the two required modules, a command terminal must be opened by pressing the ” Ctrl ” ” Alt ” ” T ” keys at the same time. Once the terminal is open, enter the command “ls -1 / dev / {ashmem, binder}” and it should respond with “/ dev / ashmem” and “/ dev / binder”.

If nothing appears in the terminal, it means that these two modules are not installed and you must proceed to do so for Anbox to work. It is necessary to know the versions of the Ubuntu operating system that exist to determine which ones come with these modules.

To install these two modules, you just need to place the following command “sudo add-apt-repository ppa: morphis / anbox-support” in a terminal and run it. After that you must enter “sudo apt update” , finally “sudo apt install Linux-headers-generic anbox-modules-dkms” and execute them.


Snapd installation

Another item that must be installed before Anbox is ” snapd “. There are Ubuntu distributions that come with the same integrated and others that are not compatible. To know if it is compatible or not, you should search the internet if the Ubuntu version is compatible with ” snapd ”

Installing snapd is simple, you just need to run a text terminal and proceed to copy the following command “sudo apt install snapd” and run it. Then also execute the command “sudo systemctl enable –now snapd.socket” which is used to activate the snapd.

After executing the two commands, the computer must be restarted to apply the changes. This will end up installing the necessary files to then proceed to install the Android Anbox application emulator on Ubuntu Linux.

Steps to install Anbox Android application emulator on Ubuntu Linux

Once all the add-ons are installed, you can start the installation of Anbox. For this you will need to run a command terminal. In the terminal you must copy and execute the following command, execute this “sudo snap install –devmode –edge anbox”.

This will cause the Anbox Android application emulator to begin to be installed on Ubuntu Linux. It should be noted that this will last a while and once it is finished it is necessary to restart the computer. After the computer starts up again, the program can be started in two ways. One is to select the program icon located in the start menu.


The second way is to execute the following command in a terminal “anbox launch –package = org.anbox.appmgr –component = org.anbox.appmgr.AppViewActivity”. It is possible that in some cases the application does not run because some versions of Ubuntu do not take Snap settings and therefore this error occurs.

To solve the problem it is necessary to execute the command “source /etc/profile.d/” in a terminal. However, without further configuration this will have to be applied at every computer startup, which is annoying.

To complete the solution, insert this command “sudo ln -s / var / lib / snapd / desktop / applications / usr / share / applications / snapd” and run. This will finish installing the Android Anbox application emulator on Ubuntu Linux and allow its everyday and comfortable use.


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