GTA Online guide: where are all the multimedia devices of Los Santos Tuners

Among the many new features in the Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online are a series of flash drives with music from CircoLoco Records.

This label offers non-stop special mixes of Seth Troxler through several EPs from Monday Dreamin ‘. In total there will be four media sticks with a fifth unlockable with an exclusive mix (CLR Launch Party) if we get the previous ones. Its location is elusive , unless you turn to this guide.


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As you can see thanks to the GTA Series Videos channel , these devices are very small and are in the most dispersed areas. Without going any further, you will find the Black EP inside the LS Car Meet workshop , on a red tool table.

  • For the Blue EP you will have to go up to the roof of the Casino
  • The Violet EP can be found in the office of any nightclub
  • With the Green EP you have to stand at the bar of any Arcade

With these four half sticks, apart from directly unlocking CircoLoco’s black shirt, the possibility that you can get hold of the so-called Kenny’s Backyard Boogie will be activated in the trunk of a white Bravado Gauntlet whose license plate can read MOODYMAN. If you don’t see it the first time, calm down. Exit the game and come back in until you see it. And to enjoy.

Then, you just have to select any of these devices from the Media Player of your vehicle, navigating between the different stations on your radio until you select the one you like the most and let the music play non-stop.

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