How to delete multimedia content from a WhatsApp conversation without deleting the messages

WhatsApp is a great instant messaging application, but sometimes it puts in a difficult position those who do not like to delete the images and videos they receive. And it is not uncommon to find space problems in iOS due to WhatsApp.

Many users decide not to delete even a single image or video that has been received through the messaging application. When it’s something that happens for a few months, nothing can happen, but there are times when the media content of the app can take up a lot of storage .

One of the easiest ways to get rid of this problem on an iPhone is to completely delete the content of a conversation. In this way, it gets rid of everything that occupies storage in the terminal. Unfortunately it also deletes the conversations that have been recorded. But it is not strictly necessary to delete an entire conversation to save space on the terminal. You can delete only the multimedia content of the conversations but keep the history of the chats intact.

Delete the multimedia content while keeping the messages in WhatsApp

It is not complicated at all to get rid of the images and videos of the conversations in which more multimedia content is sent. Generally, it is the groups that are responsible for saturating the storage of our device.

The first thing we will have to do is open WhatsApp on our iPhone and, once inside, access the app’s settings. To enter the settings, simply press the ‘Settings’ button on the bottom bar of the app.

Within the application configuration we will have to go to the ‘Storage data’ tab and click on the ‘Storage use’ tab . There we will be able to see a list with all the open conversations, both individual chats and group chats, and they will be ordered by the weight that the conversations occupy. This makes it much easier to find those conversations that are draining the storage of our iPhone with multimedia content.

We can take care of all the conversations, however it is best to start with the conversations that take up the most space. Of course, we must be careful that there is no multimedia content that we want to save, if there is, we will have to move it out of WhatsApp.

Once we have chosen the chat that we want to clean, we will have to click on it in the list and, on the new screen that appears, click on ‘Manage’ . Doing so will mark all available options, both text messages and contacts, locations, photos, GIFs, videos and more. To keep the conversations we will have to uncheck the ‘Text’ option, but everything else can be kept selected so that it is removed from the conversation. When selecting, you can see the space it occupies in the device’s storage.

When we have chosen all the content that we want to delete from WhatsApp and, therefore, from our iPhone, we will have to click on the ‘Empty’ option. The iPhone will ask us for confirmation to delete the content, we will press ‘Empty’ again and finally we will be able to see how we have eliminated all the multimedia content without having to sacrifice the text messages of our WhatsApp conversations. In this way we can get rid of all that unnecessary content that occupies a large amount of space on our device, but without the need to alter the conversations that we have had through the messaging application.


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