Why is it not possible to open multimedia files in WhatsApp?

We all know the huge instant messaging company WhatsApp, millions of users use it to be able to communicate with family, friends, and we even have the option of using your WhatsApp Bussines account for those small entrepreneurs or people who are entering the business world. digital via social media.

Why is it not possible to open media files in WhatsApp? – Solution Here

Those who install the application, can send messages, photos and videos, can also set statuses and make voice or video calls. But like any social network, it is subject to errors or failures, perhaps due to the application itself or the configuration of the same app.

For this reason, when in your WhatsApp you cannot send or receive multimedia messages, which these files are images, audios and videos, but you can send and receive written messages or emojis and that is why you are reading this article.

Where we will tell you what may be the possible reasons why this happens and we also bring you the possible solutions where some of them may be yours.

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  1. What are the reasons why it is not possible to view files on WhatsApp?
    1. Check the network connection and its power
    2. Check device date and time
  2. What to do to solve this problem and be able to view multimedia files on WhatsApp?
    1. Clear cache and force stop app
    2. Free up device space and reinstall WhatsApp
    3. Reboot the device

What are the reasons why it is not possible to view files on WhatsApp?

Mainly and most importantly, go to settings and check data usage in connections . This problem can come because the mobile data usage is disabled.

After doing this we go to phone settings, we look for the application option where all the Apps that we have downloaded will appear but we will only look for WhatsApp and press, then we look for ‘mobile data’ we access and there we verify if we have installed the tab that says ‘ Allow background data usage’  and make sure it’s turned on.

Check the network connection and its power

If the network connection is not strong, you will not be able to view media files on WhatsApp . To find out, switch from data to Wi-Fi or vice versa and check if the connection is strong by accessing a website.

To do this, you can go to ‘Settings’ or ‘Configuration’ on your phone, then go to ‘ Wifi network settings’  and verify that it is connected to one, if not, select the one belonging to your home and enter the access code.

In the same way, you can use the mobile data of your plan or phone line, for this you only have to activate the mobile data, displaying the main menu that all cell phones have, simply moving your fingers from the top to the bottom to display said bar, and activate the data.

Check device date and time

If the date and time are not set correctly on the device, these errors may occur. To check it, click on ‘settings’ and check the time  , otherwise correct it if it is incorrect.  Once inside the settings, you can choose the option to remove the automatic time and set it manually.

What to do to solve this problem and be able to view multimedia files on WhatsApp?

Next we are going to give you the solution to a very common problem that usually happens in the WhatsApp App, which is that when downloading either a photo or a video, that is where the ‘ download failed’ message appears  on our screen where it will specifically tell us ‘cannot download’.

Clear cache and force stop app

It is usually an effective option and it is recommended to do it frequently, access the phone settings, press applications and applications again. Find WhatsApp and press to access. To clear the cache, click on  ‘storage’  and empty cache

Free up device space and reinstall WhatsApp

It usually happens that we don’t have much space on our phone and when the problem we have is that of not having enough space, the App itself will let us know by means of a message when downloading a multimedia message. We will get an error on our screen ‘ Error downloading, there is not enough space on the device’.

To free up space we can delete WhatsApp conversations and multimedia files and it is very useful to free up space on the device, starting with this process we go to WhatsApp, we are going to press and hold all the chats that we are going to want to delete, and then we press the icon of  ‘trash can’

A message will appear on the screen indicating that not only the conversations will be deleted, but also the multimedia files. Once this is done, all messages and files will be deleted or simply clear the cache by entering the application.

Another option is to reinstall WhatsApp, since when doing so, if there is any function that is not fully performing its function within the App or simply because it is out of date , it may be causing us problems like this one of not downloading multimedia files.

So without opening the App, we are going to leave the WhatsApp icon pressed and we are going to touch the ‘uninstall’ option. Once this is done, we go to the play store or also to the App store and look for ‘WhatsApp’ in the search engine and press the option to install, there it will be reinstalled with your new update.

Once this step is done , we proceed to enter WhatsApp, write everything necessary to access and verify if the problem has already been resolved. You must always remember to make or restore a backup in order to preserve conversations and files.

Reboot the device

This option is not other, although we believe that this solution is a bit hackneyed or very simple, because sometimes it solves the problem for what we are going through.

Sometimes there is something wrongly installed in our phone that does not allow the App to work normally and then by restarting the device, at that moment of the restart the configuration problems that make it not work are accommodated and, later, the problem can be achieved. goal of downloading the multimedia message correctly.

Other possible solutions that you can try if none of the previous ones worked for you, it can be: if you have an SD card and it is corrupted, you can format it.


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