How do you hide a photo album on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best and largest social networks known and used worldwide, in it you can place all your information, personal data, address, age, you can use its messaging network by  downloading Facebook Messenger , you can create photo albums , publish content or stories, among many other functions such as videos and stories that this platform allows us to perform.

All social networks tend to show others all the information about you. However, you should know that there is a possibility of being able to hide all your personal data and photos. In the case of Facebook, you can upload and publish all the photos you want, add location, name, tag other users and you can even create and customize your own photo album.

Hiding the information of your data, address and even the photos of your Facebook account is possible through the Facebook settings, so you should not worry that everyone can see your photos, or publications, on this platform it is possible to absolutely privatize what what you wish.

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  1. How to prevent people who are not added to Facebook from looking at your photos?
    1. Edit photo privacy
    2. Privatize an album
  2. How to hide an album on Facebook so that your contacts don’t see it?
    1. Edit it straight from the album
    2. From settings

How to prevent people who are not added to Facebook from looking at your photos?

The privacy of the photos or the set of photos  that you save on Facebook is crucial for those users who do not like other people to see them, are unknown or for anyone who is not added as a friend on Facebook,  to achieve this you can follow the settings steps below:

Edit photo privacy

This option is possible within the privacy options that Facebook offers us, they are very simple steps that you must follow to be able to do it efficiently, thus you will protect your photos and limit access to them only for the people you want, in this case only for your contacts.

  • Enter your Facebook profile by clicking on the photo that appears in the upper right.
  • Locate and access the ‘photos’ section
  • Then you click on the ‘Your photos’ section
  • Choose the photo you want to hide for users you don’t have added on Facebook
  • You select the 3 points and it will display the configuration options of the photos.
  • Then, you choose the option ‘edit recipients’ and choose who you want to show the photo for, in this case, select ‘friends’.

Privatize an album

Users have the option of being able to edit the privacy of their photos in order to hide it from users , as in this case it is required for unknown people, that is the configuration that we will place, and for them the following steps must be followed:

  • You must first log in to your Facebook account.
  • We locate ourselves in our name that is in the upper right part, we click to be redirected to our profile.
  • Then we look for the option that says ‘photos’ and we click
  • Within ‘photos’ we locate ‘albums’ this will show you all the photo albums you have created on Facebook.
  • We select the one we want to hide and click on the 3 dots to open the options and then click on ‘Edit Album’.
  • An ‘everyone’ option will appear, click and select ‘Friends’.

You will be configuring so that the people who can access that album are only your friends and only they can see your photos. You should know that there are 3 albums that cannot be privatized; profile photo album, cover photo album and featured photo album.

How to hide an album on Facebook so that your contacts don’t see it?

The excellence of the privatization of your data and information and photos or photo albums of your Facebook account, allows you to efficiently hide it from all users , including the contacts added to your Facebook profile. There are 2 ways to do it, these are the following:

Edit it straight from the album

  • Login to your profile
  • Locate and select the option of photos
  • You choose the album you want to hide from all users
  • Then we click on the 3 dots to open the options and then click on ‘Edit Album’.
  • We select the option that says ‘No one’

You should know that by doing this, no one will be able to see all the photos contained in this album, however, you can change this setting whenever you want.

From settings

You can go to Facebook settings and then in the privacy section, you can select to go to your profile. Once in the profile, you press the ‘Photos’ section, then you enter the albums.

To be able to privatize it so that no one can see it but the owner of the account, you must click on the button that says privacy, explore the options that appear and select, in the same way, ‘no one’ or ‘Only Me’


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