How to remove the “Deleting messages…” notification in WhatsApp

Have you tried to delete messages from WhatsApp and the notification “deleting messages” is stuck in the notification drawer? We bring you some possible solutions to remove that annoying message that does not go away as it should after executing the action.

For some strange reason, at some point it can happen to you that when you delete messages on WhatsApp, especially if there are many, a stuck notification remains that cannot be removed or deleted and the worst thing is that the procedure does not end, so the messages remain undeleted.

This is a bug in the application itself that should have an easy solution , so we are going to tell you about some possible solutions that you can carry out to remove that annoying notification and, incidentally, allow WhatsApp to permanently delete all those messages.

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restart the phone

Try restarting the phone as the first option so that the message is deleted , although this will not prevent it from continuing to appear later when you try to delete messages again. It is a procedure that does not take more than 2 or 3 minutes depending on the phone you have.

A simple restart could remove that annoying stuck notification from notifications, but if you perform the action that its appearance supposes again, you already have to try other types of solutions that we continue to offer you below.

Install the beta version of WhatsApp

The truth is that WhatsApp seems to be aware of the problem and a possible solution, which should be the fastest and most effective, is to directly install the beta version of WhatsApp that corrects this problem , it is WhatsApp that you can easily download.

  1. Download WhatsApp for Android

You just have to join the beta program of the application and download the app from the link that we leave you below. Then you must install the app and start using it, and the notification should no longer appear in the notification drawer of your Android terminal.

Despite being a beta version, you shouldn’t have any problems using it because the applications in this testing phase usually work quite well and give almost no problems, but you should know that some incidents may arise while you use it.

Force close WhatsApp

If you do not want to install WhatsApp beta on your Android mobile, what you can do is force close WhatsApp to eliminate the notification that we mentioned at the beginning. That means forcibly closing the app when normal closing doesn’t work, and also doesn’t remove the notification.

This possibility in an Android mobile can be in several routes depending on the phone model you have , we leave you some possible routes where you can find the option “force stop” or “force close” :

Settings/Applications/View applications/WhatsApp/Force stop.

Settings/Applications and notifications/Manage applications/WhatsApp/Force stop.

Settings/Applications/Application management/WhatsApp/Force stop.

update whatsapp

If restarting or force closing WhatsApp does not work for you and you also do not want to install the WhatsApp beta that solves the problem, another option is to update WhatsApp , but this possibility will only work if there is a new version that corrects the problem .

It is likely that when you try to install a new version of WhatsApp you will not find an update, in this case all you have to do is wait for a new update to appear, however, this may take a few days or even a week.

There are several solutions that you can execute to remove the annoying WhatsApp notification “deleting messages…” that is blocked in Android notifications, since it can be removed, but it is up to you what you want to do to remove it permanently.

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