How to turn off the “On this day” notification in OneDrive

The notification “On this day” that appears if you have OneDrive on your PC may be annoying , something for sure if you have a computer with Windows 10 because the cloud service is already installed in the system, and we are going to show you what it is. you must do to remove it.

As with Facebook, which reminds you on various occasions of posts that you made on a day of the year and that coincides with the current day, the OneDrive “On this day” notification also has the same objective, to remind you that you uploaded a long time ago.

For example, imagine that we are on August 15, 2021, what OneDrive does that day on your computer is to notify you of a photo or video that you uploaded that same day, but years ago, in order to offer you a memory that could seem interesting. , although it can be annoying.

Annoying because it can be repeated many times and, although you can close the notification each time it appears, until you deactivate it you will continue to see it next to the Windows 10 clock . OneDrive allows you to remove the notification in the following way, these would be the steps:

  • Right-click on the OneDrive icon found in the system tray, where the icons for sound, Internet, etc. are located. The OneDrive one is shaped like a cloud.
  • In the menu that opens, click on “settings” .
  • Next, click on the “settings” tab and there uncheck the box “when memories are available on this day” . After pressing accept, the changes are saved and you will no longer see the notice that photos you uploaded on such a day as today years ago.

If the notice did not bother you, you can retrieve the notification again by checking the same box that we indicated before, only that you must take into account something, not every day you will get a memory , although it will depend a lot on what you have stored in OneDrive.

From the phone

This notification can also come out on your mobile, that is, every few days you may notice a new notification of memories of photos uploaded a long time ago. You can also remove the notification this way if you have an iPhone :

  • Open the OneDrive application and click on your image in the upper left. Then go into “settings” .
  • Now access the notifications and uncheck the “have memories of this day” box .

There is another procedure to remove the “On This Day” warning from OneDrive in Windows, but it involves modifying certain Windows 10 registry keys that, if mishandled, can cause problems for the operation of the system, after all, the steps that we have given you do the same and in a faster and more accessible way from the PC or mobile apps.

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