How to recover a hacked or deleted Instagram account

When we find ourselves in the need to recover an Instagram account that has been deleted or hacked, you can carry out different steps to try to recover it in either of these two situations, scenarios that nobody wants to go through, especially when it is hacked.

You have to differentiate between the two situations, one thing is that your Instagram profile is hacked and another thing is that they can delete your account. The first case is more serious if possible than the second situation because someone other than you has found out your password and has been able to access.

The second possibility can occur on your own initiative, that is, you can decide to delete your Instagram account forever or deactivate it, or that Instagram itself expels you, for example, for carrying out practices that involve the expulsion of Instagram.

Avoiding a shadowban at all costs is also a priority, because although it should not mean the elimination of your profile, it can be adding points so that a future happens to you. In any case, if you comply with the limits of Instagram , you have nothing to worry about.

Now, when your account is hacked, you will not be able to enter because someone, by any means, has been able to know your password and has free access to your account. Whether they delete it or you have deleted it, or if your Instagram profile is hacked , let’s see what you can do.

Hacking the Instagram profile

If you find yourself in this situation, probably when you try to log into Instagram you probably won’t be able to do it because the password is no longer correct, now the control of your profile is held by another person unknown to you, which can be a major concern. You can try several options if this happens to you.

Login and change the password

The best way to try to recover your account after a hack is to log in immediately as soon as you detect it, especially if you get notifications that someone has tried to log in from somewhere in the world, but the attempts have been unsuccessful.

After logging in, the first and fastest thing is to change the Instagram password to a strong one of at least 8 characters and in which you combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Next time hackers will have a much more difficult time decrypting your key, if they can.

Contact Instagram

If you have tried to log in and there is no way, notify all your contacts that your account has been hacked so that they do not accept possible photos, videos and others that may reach you. Also, contact Instagram as quickly as possible so they can help you.

Normally, I nstagram should solve this problem and return your account after a hack, so do not hesitate to contact them, probably in a few hours or at most a few days you can recover your Instagram account after the hack.

Instagram account deleted

You should know something, if you have deleted your own Instagram account forever there is no possibility of recovery , so notify the social network when you carry out the procedure. Another thing is that Instagram has decided to delete it, something that very recently.

They are rare cases, but it does not mean that they do not occur, so if you detect that you are going to log in and it says that your account does not exist, again you must contact Instagram for a solution, offer them all the details so that can help you better.

Avoiding these two situations is a simple task, if you do not want your Instagram account to be hacked , use a long and strong password, while if you do not want it to be deleted, follow good practices within the social network.

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