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In recent years more and more people need an mp4 converter to view their multimedia content. Although the most famous AVI format guarantees excellent characteristics, especially considering the size of the files, the mp4 format is by far the most supported by digital players.

Whether you want to view content from your PC or from your smart TV, you won’t have any problems with the mp4 format, but this causes you to necessarily have to convert it. WinX Video Converter is the solution that could be useful if you want to achieve this result. In the next few lines we will analyze the operation and some features of this MKV to MP4 file converter , trying to give you all the basics to be able to use it in the best way to convert your files to the mp4 format.



  • Why convert MKV to MP4
  • Differences between MKV and MP4 video formats
  • How to Free Convert MKV to MP4 with WinX Video Converter
  • The video editing of WinX Video Converter

Why convert MKV to MP4

One of the most complicated video formats to view on PCs and smart TVs is MKV , although this guarantees you excellent video quality, it is extremely compressed and in most cases the most common devices are unable to reproduce it smoothly.

One of the reasons is certainly that of the compatibility of the devices used, but in reality there could be many other reasons. Among these is video quality , in fact, although MKV is one of the best quality formats, MP4 is absolutely no less. MP4 also allows you not to lose important information, such as audio and video codecs , limiting data loss to a minimum.

As you can imagine, the main advantage of an MP4 file is that it is extremely small in size , while the MKV file will take up much more space on your hard drive.

In case you are a multimedia content creator, perhaps for a social network, the MKV format is particularly difficult for these platforms. Although you would be able to upload a video in this format, you would notice, in addition to the loss of useful audio/video information , an unreliable audio synchronization and slowdowns in the loading phases .

Whatever website you rely on, with the MKV format, more conversion phases occur in real time, effectively generating slowdowns and greater data consumption. With the MP4 format, on the other hand, you would have greater flexibility and the certainty that all websites are able to display the contents without problems.

However, you don’t have to be an influencer to feel the need to convert an MKV file to MP4, in fact, you could be a person who needs to view a video or program in high quality on your smart TV . Unfortunately, there are very few smart TVs that support MKV, while even older models can convert MP4s in real time without problems. An MP4 converter can be very useful for this purpose.

Differences between MKV and MP4 video formats

Considering the compatibility of these two video formats alone, you may not really understand what the differences are. To have a clearer idea of ​​the potential and above all of what you will lose in converting an MKV file to MP4, it is advisable to analyze the differences in detail.

  1. Let’s start from the supported video format, MKV files support H.264 , H.265 , MPEG1 , MPEG2 , MPEG4 , while MP4 files are best for H.264 , H.265 , Xvid , MPEG4 . As you can see, they are similar from this point of view, but MP4 loses some minor codecs, which are usually present in smart TVs from a few years ago.
  2. In addition to the video, the supported audioalso changes , MKVs can easily read FLACALAC , AC3 , AAC , DTS , while MP4s are indicated for ALAC , MP3 and AAC . They probably won’t sound much different to you, but we stress that MKV is slightly more qualitative in producing audio tracks .
  3. The main difference between MKV and MP4 format is the file size; in the first case the files are very large, while in the second case the files are significantly reduced in size.
  4. MKV and MP4 also differ in subtitle support. Unfortunately, an MP4 file does not support subtitle conversion, while MKV allows you to insert ASS, SRT or SUB subtitles and many other codecs.
  5. We close with the difference that perhaps can tip the balance for your choice whether to convert or not: the platform on which to use them. In the event that you view content in MKV format, it would be difficult to do it on mobile devices, while the MP4 one lends itself very well to smartphones. Similar speech for PC use, it prefers MP4 to MKV, the latter much more complex to decompress.

However, there are also some characteristics that do not change between the two formats. Among these is the bit depth , both 8-bit and 10-bit. Just as it doesn’t change the overall quality of the video , you won’t drop frames or grainy images.

How to Free Convert MKV to MP4 with WinX Video Converter

Now that you know all the differences between an MKV file and an MP4 one, you can decide whether to convert your audio/video content from one technology to another. To carry out this activity you will need software capable of converting MP4 , we have chosen a mkv file converter to mp4 that is fast and not too demanding on hardware resources: WinX Video Converter .

This program is useful to guarantee you the maximum video quality, without affecting the conversion time too much. In many cases, you’ll have to wait a few minutes, especially if you have an underperforming PC, but it’s the fastest solution we’ve looked at for consumer software.

Once you have downloaded the program for Windows or MacOS , you will need to install it: installation will be very fast and automatic. Start the program and proceed to load a file in MKV format within the editing page. Just click on the +Video button , top left, and choose the file to upload from your hard disk. You can also upload more than one at a time, they will then be converted chronologically.

At this point, in the output profile item, you have to select the output source , in our case MP4 . If you have the English version, you will need to find the General Profiles section . Within the editor of the program there is a small white bar on the uploaded file, with this you can choose the output quality of your video content. Setting to LQ will result in lower quality, while setting to HQ will be optimal, but will take much longer. Once all the audio and video parameters have been chosen, you will only have to click on RUN / Start to proceed with the conversion.

The more powerful your PC is, the shorter the MKV to MP4 conversion time will be. We advise against using this type of software on a notebook from a few years ago, although everything could work in the best way, you would put a lot of strain on the processor, affecting the temperatures of the notebook. A video converter should be used on notebooks with good airflow or on a desktop PC.

The video editing of WinX Video Converter

As you may have noticed starting the program, there is not only the function to convert MP4, but there is a real video editor . By loading your files into WinX Video Converter, you will also be able to trim , subtitle , crop , merge and change the volume . These functions are combined with a very user friendly interface to use and with the processing of UHD movies , 240fps , as well as slow-motion from GoPro and drones .

You will then be able to edit most of the videos you have on your PC or smartphone and convert them to the format you want. The free trial is currently available for Mac and Windows , or the official license with two price plans , one for 22.95 euros per year for 3 PCs , and one for 34.95 euros for life , but on just one PC .

If you want a complete program that can do a little bit of everything for your audio and video contents, then WinX Video Converter could be for you.


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