How to get to the Crystal league quickly in Clash of Clans?

Leveling up in Clash of Clans can be quite complicated, many yearn to reach the Crystal league, so we will give you some tips. You should know that there are many things that can help you, you must take great care of each aspect and above all, your village. 

How to Get to the Crystal League Quickly in Clash of Clans

Both to level up and to reach the Crystal League, we recommend that you use a clock tower in your strategy , which will allow you to protect your village from invaders.

How to get to the Crystal League?

Advancing in Clash of Clans  is completely necessary to go up Ranking, making it necessary for the fight to be intense until you achieve your goals. There are many options to go faster and strategies that can make your progress in a matter of no time.

Going up in the league is quite simple, you only have to comply with a few points in your strategy so that the cup profits increase. Here we leave you each of the aspects that you must take care of to reach the Crystal league and any other league.

Attack the town halls

This is one of the first points that you should take care of, the attacks on the town halls are the ones that provide drinks to level up. The villages in Farming are the most ideal, as these often have their town halls without protection. One element that many players use for this job is that of the Golems.

Work with cheap and fast attack troops

A base in Farming or a town hall without much protection can be attacked with great skill, but without the need to carry many troops. You can use simple troops, such as archers and barbarians, which can be created quickly.

You can use only a small part of these, that is, by not spending so much on troops, you can add speed to the attack, managing to damage town halls faster. With five to ten fighters per attack you can destroy a town hall and you have troops left to resist.

Attack with time

Although you have a certain time to achieve victory, use it in a smart way, attack as many times as you can. The more damage you do to the town halls, the greater chance there will be to win, to achieve more cups.

Take care of your town hall

Consider that all players are looking for the same thing as you, to advance in the game as quickly as possible. Your town hall takes care of the cups you have, if you don’t protect it, you risk losing your progress and having to start over.

Protect your town hall with towers and deploy nearby troops, especially those including defense characters, who can stop the attackers. Always keep in mind that your town hall is the most important, if it survives, you will have more opportunity to attack.

With all these recommendations that we have left you, it will be easy to get to the Crystal league or whatever league you are looking for. Manage your troops and strategy well so that you advance quickly and firmly, it is your time to battle with the greats.

Why is it important to get to the Crystal League?

The Crystal League is one of the main ones where you can obtain excellent benefits from your attacks, the rewards begin to be greater. In this game, this league is vital, because it allows you to reap great fortunes before advancing.

For many people this is a league that offers a lot to grow within this game, the rewards are easy to obtain and the battles can be productive. It is a league where victories are rewarded with fairly high numbers of vital elements such as elixirs and gold.

In addition, the chances of raising your town hall and improving your troops are quite high, it is the perfect league to prepare to be a great player.

Each player who enters this league must have a strategy of great strength, each movement will be crucial to continue advancing. You must bear in mind that as you progress through the league you will meet increasingly stronger rivals.

A tip that will be very useful for you to reach the Crystal League is how to get free gems, elixir and gold and in this way you will have more capital to invest in your attacks. You can also invest these gems in legendary cards .


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