Eternal Card Game Decks: Crystal Goblet

Inexpensive deck of three factions (yellow, green, blue), which is played even in tournaments

With the Crystalline Chalice mechanic (in our version of the “Crystal Cup”) in Eternal, you could get acquainted during the passage of the Gauntlet, where in one of the last boss battles, both sides receive such a relic. Its essence is that you can pay two powers once per turn (per cup) and increase the creature’s stats by + 2 / + 2, provided that its attack is two or less. You also draw a card – and this is very important. The decks lined up around Crystalline Chalice have Channel the Tempest as their striking power , for which it is critical to have as many cards in hand as possible. Another important aspect of the deck is the presence of creatures that are most effective for buffing.

This is a control deck with a long development, and matches with it take quite a long time, so if you are a fan of fast agro decks, then the Cup is definitely not for you. The undoubted plus of the deck is that playing against it is strategically difficult and requires maximum concentration on the part of the opponent. However, you will need some time to learn how to use this deck.

Deck composition

The strategy built around the Cup is to draw cards into your hand as quickly as possible. This is another plus of the deck – thanks to the rapid set of cards, you significantly reduce your chances of mana flow, or vice versa, the total absence of power cards: in most cases, you will always have something to play. The win is achieved either by suppressing the enemy from the side of your creatures, or by a finisher in the form of spells.


Actually, Crystalline Chalice itself . You need to have the maximum in the deck, or the deck simply won’t “work”: yes, you will hold out for a while, but the enemy will crush you already in the middle of the game. Keep in mind that the relic can be removed by cards with the text like Kill enemy attachment, but if you manage to collect enough Cup cards, then it is unlikely that an opponent without a sideboard will have as many counter cards.

It is important to remember that each Cup gives you the opportunity to buff once per turn. If there are several cups, the game will open a menu in which you need to select the Cup, and then strengthen the creature. The empowered creature will get tired and will be inactive for the next turn, as if it were attacking. Since it is critically important for you to gain cards, try to buff creatures as often as possible, even if this means that you will receive damage. At the beginning of the game, this is not scary – you will quickly beat the hit points back.

Each goblet can be used once per turn


The units are more or less tailored to Chalice. If some creatures are not available, you can replace them with analogues from the three available factions: it is enough that they are inexpensive, their attack is two or less, and the defense indicator is high. For example, minotaurs from green will do: Auric Sentry (1/5) or Copperhall Shieldman (0/7) or Archive Curator from yellow. However, the presented list of units is still the most optimal in terms of their skills.

  • Temple Scribe: 1/1, you draw a card and gain +1 health. Alas, it requires two time influences, which is far from immediate, although the map is designed for the early stage of the game.
  • Desert Marshal: A great 2/1 unit that throws Silence on the target when it enters the field. An infinite creature for an enemy hoping for an air attack, for example. Also has Ambush.
  • Amber Acolyte: 2/1, you draw a strength card of your choice. A unit for a buff plus a useful skill for a quick start and gaining the necessary influence.
  • Combrei Healer: 2/2, when playing, gives +3 health to you and any allied creature (can be used on Combrei Healer itself). A 2/5 stat when using a Cup gives a 4/7 unit, which is already very powerful for defense.
  • Scorpion Wasp: 1/1 Deadly, used primarily on Ambush to kill an unwanted attacker.
  • Marisen’s Disciple: 2/2, you can choose who to play with him: 2/2 flying creature, 3/3 beetle with Overwhelm or Deadly 1/1 scorpion.
  • Lumen Defender:1/5 c Deadly, if self-defeated, gives +5 health to the player. An excellent unit against aggro decks.


  • Permafrost: A curse spell that permanently freezes.
  • Seek Power:You draw a power card of your choice (see Power Cards).
  • Vanquish: Destroys a creature with an attack of four or higher. The rest shouldn’t be a problem for you.
  • Wisdom of the Elders: You draw two cards.
  • Harsh Rule: spell that kills all units on the field. Use it if the enemy has managed to gain a significant advantage – you have a lot of opportunities to recruit an army again.
  • Channel the Tempest: Draw three cards and deal damage equal to the number of cards in your hand. You can kill a large creature or immediately beat your opponent in the face. Remember that at the end of the turn, if you have more than nine cards in your hand, you will be asked to fold the extra cards.

Power cards

25 standard is enough for your head. Remember that you need to draw four influences for the blue cards (due to Chanel the Tempest ) and two each for the green and yellow cards . You can use both the Diplomatic Seal and the Seek Power spell , but after reaching two influence, the diplomatic seal goes without color, which is not very profitable.

Legendary Cards

Basically, this deck plays great without Legendaries. There are several options you can consider.

  • The Great Parliament: spell, you play Owl 4/4 for every four maximum strength. Since the units are flying, this will allow you to gain an advantage towards the end of the game.
  • Marisen, the Eldest: 4/7, at the beginning of each (!) Turn, either 1/1 Deadly scorpion, or 2/2 Flying Locust, or 3/3 Sandcrawler with Overwhelm are randomly summoned. If there is not enough space on the field, but the ability will not work. Combines well with the Cup, but by the way, you shouldn’t have a shortage of units anyway.
  • Knight Chancellor Siraf: 3/4, Overwhelm. For every eight power paid, you can summon a random yellow or green creature with doubled attack and defense.
  • Kothon, the Far Watcher: 2/3, Endurance. Ultimate: Summons 4/4 flying owl for 8.

Unit spam from Marisen, the Eldest

The deck is versatile enough in PvP and will allow you to play Gauntlet without any problems. The biggest problem will be the Azindel’s Gift relic decks , which will force you to fold your entire hand at the end of the turn every time, which breaks the whole deck in the Cup, but this card is rarely seen. It will not be easy at the very beginning with aggro decks , but if you survive, they will not be able to do anything to you. You won’t have any problems with the Armory.

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