How many levels does the Golem have in Clash of Clans and how to use it well?

The Golem in Clash of Clans is one of the best-known characters, with excellent characteristics in battle and very high chances of helping to achieve a victory. This being that is made of stone, can work as an excellent shield , we have some interesting data for you.

Golem in Clash of Clans

This large and robust being made of stone, has earned an excellent position among players due to the amount of protection it can grant. Absorbing damage is his main task and he has a chance to turn into two little golems upon death.

Currently there are 10 levels of this character, although leveling it up can be a bit expensive, it is well worth it for its capabilities. With each level up, his life and attack resistance improve, until he is almost indestructible.

The appearance of this creature is quite striking and it changes as levels are added, at first, it is just a rock being with purple eyes. As it progresses, at level 3 it becomes darker and at 5 it makes its first color change.

After this level the characteristics of the Golem change a lot, firstly, a kind of gems begin to appear on its back. Additionally, you should know that the Golem is becoming more resistant, but its size does not change.

An interesting fact of the last known levels is that, from level 8, the death of the Golem is translated into three small ones, this has an excellent use. The average life of a Golemite is 25% of the Golem’s life and the same percentage of its defense and attack.

The strategies with this character can be excellent, it usually works very well as a shield for small troops or with less resistance. To learn a little more about its uses, keep reading our article, we leave you some tips.

How to get a Golem in Clash of Clans?

This being can be created very easily at level 1, you only need to have a Level 4 Dark Barracks, it is the minimum requirement. Additionally, you must have 30 living spaces for this stone giant. In order to grow in Clash of Clans it is necessary to have a large number of gems which you can buy or  get for free.

The cost of leveling the Golem starts at 50,000 of dark elixir , this to go to level 2, you can take it to level 10. Each level provides an increase in its main characteristics.

Can you have a good strategy with a Golem?

Like the Valkyries, this character is tank type, that is, they withstand attacks a lot and can be a shield for other troops. A good formation with other troops can be satisfactory and guarantee a victory with ease.

When placed in front, these beings can withstand the attack of towers, they can even defeat if they go in a formation of at least two or three Golems. Additionally, they are capable of inhibiting jump traps, but the bombs can do a bit of damage. Using a Golem is a great strategy that will allow you to reach the Crystal League .

Keep in mind that these characters can be your best distraction, a giant being with great attack resistance, can easily make a smoke screen. Your best option is to use the distraction of the attack towers, to bring in your troops.

Watch your number of troops, when placing a Golem in play; you lose the ability to create 30 characters, because this is the cost of living space. It complements well with good attacks and other characters that can deal damage rather than just protect. Carrying out a good attack is the main thing in the game, since this way it will be possible to take down town halls.

Finally, a defense advice against the Golem in Clash of Clans , if you are attacked with these beings, you must take it to a place far from the defenses. Attacking him with aerial weapons is the best way to eliminate him quickly , you must act quickly or you risk a lot.


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