D&D Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest Puzzle Guide

Crystal Harvest is the second act of the Crystalline Dreams campaign in the D&D Dark Alliance. There is a locked attribute point behind a shield, which you can only get by solving a pressure plate puzzle. In this D&D Dark Alliance Crystal Harvest Puzzle Solution guide, we will show you how to solve the puzzle to lower the shield, so that you can get the attribute point.

Crystal Harvest Puzzle Solution from D&D Dark Alliance

The Crystal Harvest Puzzle is part of the Crystalline Dream Mission (Act Two). This is one of two post-game missions available to players who have completed the main D&D campaign. These will be available once the “Kelvin’s Mask” campaign has been completed. It is a story about a spectator possessed by magic.

There are 3 acts in this campaign; The floating city, the crystal harvest and a crystal crown. The most frequently dropped item is the Underdark camouflage.

Crystal Dream Puzzle Solution

Upon entering the chamber, the attribute point altar will be at the far end of the chamber, going up some stairs and behind a blue shield. What you will see directly in front of you will be three rows of pressure plates. The first row, on the far right, will have three pressure plates. The one in the middle will have two and the one on the far left will have 3.

The sequence in which it must activate / stop on the pressure plates is as follows:

Stand on the first pressure plate in the row on the right side. The pressure plate symbol will be a 12-sided star. The second pressure plate is the first plate in the middle row. The symbol will be the 8-sided star within a circle. The third plate to stand on is the middle plate in the left row. The image at the top will be a triangle. Now for the last plate, go back to the row on the right side of the chamber and go to the third and last pressure plate with the 8-sided star without a circular outline.

With this, the huge blue shield blocking your way to the altar will lift you up and grant you the attribute point.

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