Crystal Bone Marrow in Genshin Impact: Where to Find

IN Genshin impactCrystal bone marrow is a local curiosity in Inazuma that is required to elevate certain characters, such as Sayu. To fully pump these heroes, you will need to find a large amount of these materials, so we decided to indicate their location in this guide.

Where to find crystal bone marrow

Even within Inazuma, this valuable resource can only be found on the southernmost islands of the archipelago: Yashiori and Kannazuka (Tatarasuna). The reason for this is that the crystal brain can only be found near the skeleton of a great snake killed by the local shogun Raiden. The screenshot below shows what this material looks like. We also advise you to keep an interactive map of Inazuma in front of your eyes in order to better navigate the archipelago.

Yasiori Island

The best place to farm this stuff is Yasiori Island, as shown in the images below. You can start walking along the snake skeleton from the northwestern tip of the island and work your way down, passing through the hills and collecting crystal bone marrow along the way. The largest cluster can be found in the center of the southern part of the island, but keep in mind that this is a very dangerous area to explore, so prepare well before heading here.


You can also find a large amount of this resource on the western edge of Kannazuki, at the entrance to the bay west of Mikage Mountain. This is a great place to farm if you are not ready to explore Yasiori yet or have collected all the materials there.

Note that Crystalline Bone Marrow respawns every 2 days, so you’ll have to be patient while harvesting it. At this point in time, he is necessary for the rise of Sayu and Aloy.

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