How to get CP in Warzone?

How to get CP in Warzone? The method to always have CP and never have to pay for anything in COD again

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  • 1Get CP in Warzone – Methods
  • 2Get CP in Warzone – Battle Pass
  • 3Get CP in Warzone – Buy CP
  • 4What to spend the CP on?

Get CP in Warzone – Methods

Currently there are only two ways to get CP in Warzone, paying or with the battle pass, and in the battle pass you can get more or less CP depending on whether you buy it or not, that is, you can also get CP even if you have not paid for the pass. So our recommendation, which we will explain in detail below is that you buy a battle pass and never worry about CP or COD points again.

Get CP in Warzone – Battle Pass

Based on the information of the last two battle passes (Season 2 and Season 3, these are the CPs you can get depending on whether you buy the battle pass or not:

  • Free: 3 x 100 = 300 CP
  • Buying the pass: 13 x 3 = 1,300 CP

The basic battle pass costs 1000 CP, but as you can see, if you reach the maximum level, you can get 1300 CP. So as long as Warzone does not change much, by paying a battle pass you will have CP so you do not have to pay for any battle pass in the future .

Of course, don’t pay to skip 20 levels, they are done very quickly, you have plenty of time, and it costs more than double.

Get CP in Warzone – Buy CP

These are the prices if you decide to buy CP

  • 200 CP or COD points: € 1.99
  • 500 CP or COD points: € 4.99
  • 1100 CP or COD points: € 9.99
  • 2400 CP or COD points: € 19.99
  • 5000 CP or COD points: € 39.99
  • 9500 CP or COD points: € 74.99
  • 13000 CP or COD points: € 99.99

If you are new to the game and want the battle pass to never worry about CPs again, you will have to pay € 9.99.

Although you can pay less if you want. Since you are going to get 300 CP playing without paying, so you would need 700, which would cost € 6.98. Even if you max out without collecting paid rewards, if you pay before the end of the season, you will collect all rewards for the season, and all CPs you were not entitled to.

And of course, if you come from previous seasons and already have 300 or more CP, paying even less you would get your battle pass

What to spend the CP on?

Offer packs

You will have seen that there are thousands of offers of custom weapons and others for between 1500 and 3000 CP. But unless you don’t care about money, they don’t make sense. In these offers you are getting a couple of custom weapons and an accessory for more than the battle pass costs. And those weapons are no better than the rest, in fact they are the same basic weapons with some improvement unlocked. So you’re not going to get anything that you can’t get by playing. In fact, even if they come with some unlocked upgrade, you will still have to unlock the rest.

Battle pass

In all the battle passes you have 3 or 4 packs like those of the offers, apart from a lot of operators, emblems, and of course more CP than it costs. So don’t let your CP blow you away with the packs, invest them in the battle pass.

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