How do you get Kill Streaks in Warzone?

Kill Streaks are a common mechanic and trademark in the Call of Duty franchise. Here we tell you all the ones in Warzone and how you can activate them to take advantage of them.In Call of Duty: Warzone we have at our disposal one of the most important keys to the competitive franchise; casualty streaks . Although in this Battle Royale its activation is slightly different from what we know, its uses and aids in combat can be a great advantage against our enemies, as always.

Below we have prepared a guide with everything you need to know about casualty streaks, how they are achieved, which ones are available and what time of the game is the most appropriate for each of them.


  1. How do you get Kill Streaks in Warzone?
  2. What Kill Streaks are available?
  3. Tips for Buying and Using Casualty Streaks


How do you get Kill Streaks in Warzone?

As mentioned earlier, Kill Streaks are achieved somewhat differently in COD: Warzone. These are usually obtained in the saga, as the name suggests, by accumulating a streak of casualties in multiplayer games. Here, however, that doesn’t work the same way . It does not matter if you take 3 kills without dying or more in the Battle Royale, because Warzone will not reward you with any streak.

Rather, kill streaks must be purchased at supply stations . These are distributed throughout the game map and it is in them where you can invest the money you get throughout the game for your actions.

Supply stations have a shopping cart symbol on the map.

What Kill Streaks are available?

Although the logical thing would be to think that you are going to find all the streaks of COD: Modern Warfare 2019 , this is not the case either. In Warzone we have only a handful of valuable streaks , as well as some implementation for the Battle Royale. Below we show you which ones are available , how much they cost and what each one offers.

Armor Plate Lot

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 1,500

These armor plates will grant you extra health points . At the start of the game you always have 2 plates (out of a total of 3) loaded. Therefore it is highly recommended to always carry plates in inventory (up to 5 can be stored at the same time) and have all three bars loaded. They are usually found on stage, but if you need them urgently, you can buy them.

Shield turret

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 2,000

A lifelong shield turret, ideal for tight situations or when you want to fiercely defend a position . Its high firepower ensures you take an enemy ahead almost safely.

Cluster attack

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 3,000

With this advantage you can order an air attack that will fall on a certain position and create chaos for a while. If you hit the enemies, it is lethal. If they manage to hide, at least you will have them paralyzed for a few moments.

Antigas mask

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 3,000

This gas mask comes from pearls to face, of course, the gas of the circle . If, for whatever reason, you have not had time to enter the safe zone, or you want to cross the zone with gas to stop or find a tactical position, one of these masks can save your life. Although it also appears randomly as stash loot, it is recommended that you only buy it if it is absolutely necessary.

Precision air strike

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 3,500

It is similar to the cluster attack, it is another powerful air attack that will make your enemies flee in terror, if they have time, since it falls much faster than the other (although in a smaller area). Ideal if you find squads in the open field or for the final stages of the game.


  • How much does it cost ?:$ 4,000

One of the most classic streaks in Call of Duty. It is a radar capable of identifying the position of enemies on the map. Although in this case it does not work for the entire map of the game, but for a specific area. It is really useful to gain tactical advantage and plan our movements.

Self-resuscitation kit

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 4,500

By its name you will already know what it is about. Indeed, with this advantage you will be able to revive yourself when an enemy has knocked you down on the ground . Of course, of course the resuscitation will take a few moments, so try to hide from the gaze for it to take effect, or else they will eliminate you before you get back on your feet.

Weapon box

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 5,000

The weapons box is used to stock up on resources if you are short of them . It is a box full of ammunition for your weapons and grenades. Although it is quite expensive and perhaps it will pay you more to explore the scenarios and buy another type of streak. It’s up to you.

Delivery marker

  • How much does it cost ?:$ 6,000

Here we have the best streak without any doubt, since with this we can call a delivery of supplies . When this drops you will be able to select from your favorite custom weapons , in which are your best weapons and advantages that you will have unlocked when playing the multiplayer of this COD. Therefore, it can be the greatest advantage against your enemies for the entire game.

Tips for Buying and Using Kill Streaks

With everything that we have discussed so far, you should already have a fairly formed idea of ​​which streaks to invest your money in and when to use them, but in case it is not entirely clear to you, here we advise you during what moments of the game you should take them into account .

There are many factors that should be considered, but some general points of the games are repeated frequently.

  • The first bars of the game:for the first few minutes you can use the Batch of armor plates, or the Weapon Box. But what we recommend the most is a self-resuscitation kit.
  • Halfway through the game:you could use a Shield Turret, Cluster Attack, or Precision Air Strike if you intend to attack. Also do not forget the Self-Resuscitation Kit, the Weapon Box or the Delivery Marker.
  • The end of the game:When the safe zone is already very small, the UAV and the Gas Mask can save your life. Of course the Self-Resuscitation Kit is still useful at this point, and the two air strikes.
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