COD Warzone: Top Tips for Beginners

We bring you the tips that you should take into account in your beginnings with COD: Warzone and everything important you need to know in order to win your games in this Battle Royale.Call of Duty: Warzone is the official leap from the famous Activision saga to the world of Battle Royale games . The free to play titleoffers fast-paced matches with up to 150 players on a large map, where everyone must face each other until only one is left standing and is victorious.

Here are the best tips that you should keep in mind if you are a beginner or if you are eager to win all your games. Take a good look and take note.


  1. General tips for beginners
  2. How to get the best team
  3. Revived in the Gulag
  4. Make money during games


General tips for beginners

The first thing to keep in mind when you get fully into the COD: Warzone experience is that this is a game that shares many typical characteristics of the Battle Royale genre , which has become so fashionable in recent times. This means that, if you already come from other similar games such as Fortnite or Apex Legends , the experience will taste familiar and you will have a lot of ground gained. Although there are differences, of course.

At the beginning you will have a very good basic tutorial to make yourself to the typical controls of the character, aiming, shooting, changing weapons, throwing grenades and others. But after the tutorial comes the real chicha. Let’s go by parts…

Game modes

In principle Warzone has been released with two main game modes .

  • Battle Royale:a multiplayer battle for up to 150 players in which you fight with squads of 3 while a gas circle is gradually closing. Everyone starts with a gun and must search the map for loot. Only one can remain standing.
  • Loot:Teams are formed that compete for as much money as possible whether by looting supply crates, eliminating opponents, completing contracts or controlling key locations … Each player has unlimited respawns and their own selection of weapons and kill streaks .

First steps and what to consider

Of course, the mode you will be spending the most time on will be the classic Battle Royale. In case you don’t know how it works, all players start in a plane that travels a large map, Verdansk . There are a lot of locations to jump to and in addition to this a safe zone and a gas circle that will close as the game progresses. Obviously, you will have to avoid this gas so as not to die from its damage.

  • Keep in mind that everyone jumps where they want, it is best to follow your squad and fall all together to have a better chance of survival.
  • The parachute will open only before you hit the ground(you can open and close it as much as you want), it is better to speed up the fall as much as possible to reach your goal faster.
  • Try not to separate yourself from your squadand always work as a team with them.
  • Remember that you can point and pingtargets, objects, and other items to communicate with your teammates.
  • You all start the game with a singlebasic pistol
  • Weapons that you may have equipped or unlocked in your armory do not count here. You can find any weapon in the areasof the map to get hold of them, gradually improving your equipment towards the end of the game.
  • So always look around, especially insidehouses and buildings.
  • You can drop things from your inventoryfor your companions or request whatever you need (the load is not increased in any way).
  • When you are near caches you willhear a kind of buzzing, follow it to find them and arm yourself with better equipment.
  • You have additional armorto better withstand damage (which can be loaded with up to 3 bars, each giving you 50 defense points).
  • At the beginning of the games your armor will always have two of its bars loaded, add the third plate as soon as you can.
  • If you are hurt, your health bar(100 total) can recover after a few moments without taking hits .
  • On the map you will find various vehiclesthat can facilitate your movement.
  • When the gas circle is about to close, you will hear ticks that count down. If you are out of the safe zone, move towards it immediately because gas is very harmful in this game.
  • Do not forget that you can run and open doorsin one go to go faster, or lie on the ground or support your weapon on a structure to have a better field of vision and aim.

How to get the best team

Although as we have said in the multiple caches you will find diverse equipment to choose the most comfortable or superior one (its rarity is indicated by colors ; common gray, unusual green, unusual blue …), you must take into account the deliveries of weapons , because it is with them that you can make a difference.

Why do we say this? Well, simple. If you approach and interact with these deliveries you will be able to select from your favorite custom weapons . And yes, this means that you can do it all at once with your best weapons that you have unlocked, improved and customized by raising your profile ranks.

All you need to do is locate one of these random drops (or purchase a delivery marker for $ 6,000) to zoom in and select your favorite weaponry. This way the rest of the game will be much more bearable for you and your team, without a doubt.

Revived in the Gulag

COD: Warzone implemented its own respawn mechanic which is very curious. You see, when you get killed for the first time during a game, all will not be lost. You will pass to a place called the Gulag . Here, in this kind of jail, is where the rest of those eliminated go.

  • 1vs1 combat:in this place you will face in a 1vs1 with another player.
  • Random Weapons –The weapons you will be given will be random each time you go to the Gulag.
  • If you kill your opponent: youwill immediately revive and jump out of the plane again.
  • If you lose the confrontation:you must wait for a teammate to revive you in exchange for spending $ 4,500 (if none of them are alive, the game will be over).
  • It only counts once per game:this respawn mechanic is not infinite, that is, if you revive in the Gulag and then someone else takes you down again, you will not go to jail.

Keep this in mind because it could save your life in a lot of games if you do it right. Remember, hope is the last thing you lose.

Earn money during games

Another important aspect of the Warzone Battle Royale is that during the games you can earn money . What is this for? Very easy, the more money you have, the better streaks you can buy at the supply stations . Here the normal streaks do not count as in the normal Modern Warfare PvP, but must be bought or obtained by looting the places.

In addition, in these stations scattered around the map you can also buy armor plates or buy the revival of your comrades who have fallen in combat. To get money you can:

  • Look for it in all places:you can find small or large amounts of tickets scattered around the areas, along with the rest of the loot.
  • Steal Money –You can also steal it from enemies you kill.
  • When opening caches:since there is usually money in them.
  • For completing contracts:you will earn money by activating these small tasks during your games, they can be such as finding and opening caches, killing a specific target, and so on.
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