How to change the hard drive of PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

How to Expand PS4 Memory  – If there is one thing that distinguishes all three PlayStation 4 models currently in circulation, namely PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, it is the ease with which it is possible to replace the hard disk on board. The image you find at the beginning is taken from an article by iFixit  relating to the PS4 Pro teardown. From this teardown you can see how easy it is to locate the door for replacing the hard disk.

By default PS4 Pro comes with a 1 terabyte hard drive , while PS4 Standard and Slim can be equipped with a 500GB or 1TB hard drive . So how do you replace the hard disk possibly without losing all the data in the memory? The procedure is simpler than expected, given the very way Sony has structured its PlayStation models.


Sony PS4 Pro review

On the three variants it is in fact sufficient to remove a flap , unscrew one (or more) classic Phillips screw, remove the old hard disk and insert a new one. However, let’s proceed step by step and see step by step the necessary tools, the types of hard disks required and the software-side procedures to be performed in order not to lose data.

Supported Hard Drives PS4 | PS4 Slim

What hard drives does PS4 support? You will need a hard drive with at least 160 GB of 2.5-inch SATA 2 internal memory . For example, a model like this will be fine, so much so that in the reviews there are those who have used it for their own PlayStation. Another alternative? This 2 terabyte Samsung model . Yes, because in the end the goal is to expand the capacity of the console. And if you’re wondering: yes, the PS4 Slim also uses the SATA 2 interface , so you will need the same hard drives.

Supported Hard Drives PS4 Pro

We dedicate a separate paragraph for PS4 Pro since the new PlayStation model also allows you to use SATA 3 hard drives . This means that you can also decide to use solid state hard drives, better known as SSD , instead of the classic ones. Of course, you will always need 2.5 “hard drives, but we still recommend that you turn your attention to classic hard drives for two simple reasons. First, using SSDs instead of classic hard drives does not bring all these speed advantages to PS4 Pro. Also, SSDs are much more expensiveof the classic hard drives, so if you want to expand the capacity of PS4 Pro, which already boasts a 1 terabyte hard drive, you should buy a 2 TB one. At the moment 2 TB SSDs boast even more expensive prices than the PS4 Pro itself.

How to Change PS4 Hard Drive | What is needed

So what do you need to replace the hard disk of your Sony console? Let’s try to summarize everything with a quick list :

  • A new 2.5 “SATA 2 hard drive (PS4 | PS4 Slim) – a 2.5” SATA 2 or SATA 3 hard drive (PS4 Pro)
  • PhillipsPhillips or Phillips) screwdriver that is not too large
  • A fairly large external USB storage medium
  • A USB stick

The screwdriver will be used to remove part of the hard disk cover. The external storage medium, such as a self-powered external hard drive or similar, will instead be used to back up the data on the console. On the stick instead you are going to put the PS4 firmware to be reinstalled on the new hard disk.

Does the procedure invalidate the warranty?

No. If you insert a compatible 2.5 “hard drive, then SATA 2 on PS4 and PS4 Slim or SATA 2 | SATA 3 on PS4 Pro, you will have no warranty issues.

Software procedure

As for the steps necessary to remove the old hard disk and insert the new one, you will soon find everything you need with a series of video guides. But first we recommend that you take a look at the necessary software procedures , so that you prepare yourself for everything you have to go through to proceed with the replacement. Let’s start by backing up what is on your PlayStation, and then proceed with removing , re-inserting , reinitializing and restoring the backup .

Backup current hard drive

  1. First you will need a large USB memory device to connect to your PS4
  2. Format this media using the exFAT file system from Windows PC
  3. Connect it to one of the USB ports on your console
  4. From the PS4 menu go to Settings -> System -> Backup and Restore
  5. Select PS4 Backup
  6. Wait for the procedure to finish and turn off the console COMPLETELY by pressing and holding the power button for 7 seconds until you hear a “beep”

Removing old hard drive

  1. After the backup process is complete, remove the HDMI and power cable from the console
  2. Follow one of the videos that you can find at the end of these sequences of instructions for removing the hard disk and inserting the new one

Reset PS4

  1. The newly installed hard disk is obviously empty, therefore without the PS4 firmware
  2. Download the latest PlayStation firmware directly from the official website
  3. Take another USB memory device and create a folder inside it called PS4
  4. In the PS4 folder create another folder called UPDATE and paste the firmware you just downloaded
  5. Remove the USB media and insert it into the powered off console
  6. Press and hold the PS4 power button for 7 seconds, until the blue or orange indicator turns off
  7. Press the power button again for 7 seconds until you hear a beep
  8. PS4 should have booted into safe mode, prompting you to insert a USB media with the update files
  9. Press OK and follow the on-screen instructions

Backup restore

  1. Insert the USB media on which you have stored your old backup into a USB port on the PlayStation
  2. Go to Settings -> System -> Backup and Restore
  3. Select PS4 Reset
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

At this point, if all went well, the PS4 should turn itself back on . If not, press the power button. At this point, enter your PlayStation Network login credentials and you should find everything as it was.

Physical procedure

We have seen from a software point of view how to proceed for the creation of the backup, for the replacement of the hard disk and for the reinitialization and recovery. If you are wondering what are the procedures from a physical point of view for replacing the hard disk, here you are satisfied.

PS4 Pro Hard Drive Replacement

Let’s start with the most recent model, PS4 Pro. In this latest console, Sony has made the procedure even easier. We have already indicated the necessary for the replacement at the beginning of this guide. Here is a video in English showing the necessary procedures. Do not worry, even if you do not chew English it will be enough for you to observe what the author of the video did.

PS4 Slim Hard Drive Replacement

Even in the Slim model of PS4 it is quite easy to replace the hard disk. Also in this case we leave you with a video tutorial, also in English, which you can follow even without listening.

PS4 Hard Drive Replacement

We then come to the classic model of PlayStation 4, which requires the removal of one of the plastic sections. The steps are then similar to those provided for the other two variants. Usual video tutorial to follow.

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