How to get the GRAU in Warzone.

We tell you how to get the GRAU in Warzone using a method that few know to have one of the best weapons in the game.Call of Duty continues to be successful in its third season of Warzone. If you want to get the best assault rifle in the game, we will tell you how to get the GRAU in Warzone using a method that few know but that is much simpler

The GRAU in Warzone

The Grau 5.56 is by many the best assault rifle in medium and long range performance of Call of Duty in general and Warzone in particular. It allows for various settings and customization that make it deadly at first glance, with a few add-on options making this killing machine even more manageable and dangerous for the enemy.


If you already know How to upload my KD in Warzone and how to see it and have read our guide on How to level up weapons in Warzone VERY fast , you already have everything you need to get this piece of weapon. Upload it quickly to customize it in the best possible way.

How to get GRAU in Warzone

As we tell you in the headline, we are going to tell you about a method that few know to get the Grau 5.56 in Warzone. The first method was, as you well know, reaching level 15 of the free battle pass in season 2 of Warzone. If you couldn’t play then don’t worry there are more ways.

Right now you can get the Grau for Warzone in two ways. The first is playing and overcoming the challenge of assassinating 5 enemies in less than a minute with an assault rifle … 25 times. It can be achieved, but it will have a busy time and it is not a better system.

The best method to get the Grau for Warzone is to do it in CoD Modern warfare taking advantage of the fact that the contents unlocked in one game can be ported to the other. Wait for a weekend of free play, play with a friend or rent it if you don’t have it and unlock the Grau easily. Once you have it, go to the loading menu of the Call of Duty browser and manage your weapons in the menu through the assault rifles section.

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