How to enter the router

Have you replaced your old modem with a new and much better performing router but you don’t know how to enter its configuration panel and adjust its settings? Don’t panic, I’m here, ready and willing to provide you with all the necessary explanations on how to enter the router .

Even if you have never dealt with a device like this before, I can assure you that you will soon be able to achieve your goal, really. How do you say? You are not very well versed in computer science and new technologies and are you afraid that this operation may be too complicated for you? But no, you have absolutely no reason to be alarmed! Contrary to appearances, I can assure you that getting into the router is not difficult at all, really.

So take a few minutes of your precious free time to read this tutorial and I will show you that everything is really child’s play. I am sure that, in the end, you will succeed in your intent and that in case of need you will also be ready and willing to explain to your friends in need of a similar tip how to do it. Let it bet?


  • Preliminary operations
  • How to enter the router: general procedure
    • How to enter the TIM router
    • How to enter the Fastweb router
    • How to enter the Vodafone router
    • How to enter the TP-Link router
    • How to enter the WIND TRE router
    • How to enter the Linkem router
    • How to log into the FRITZ Box router

Preliminary operations

In order to enter the router and change the device settings, you mainly need two things: the local IP address of the network device and a browser to use, be it for a computer, smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, in order to succeed in the enterprise, it is essential that the device from which you decide to operate is connected to the Wi-Fi network generated by the modem , or to the Ethernet port on it (the latter would be an ideal condition).

Once this last condition is met, you are ready to retrieve the IP of the router to access: if you use Windows , right-click on the Start button (the flag icon resident on the left of the taskbar) and click on the Windows entry PowerShell / Windows Terminal resident in the menu that appears; Alternatively, open the Start menu , navigate to the Windows Accessories folder and open the Command Prompt from there.

When the window of the chosen utility opens, type the instruction ipconfiginside it, enter Enter and note the IP address that appears under the Default Gateway item .

If, on the other hand, yours is a Mac , open the menu Go> MacOS Utilities , double-click on the Terminal icon and, when the latter starts, issue the command netstat -nr | grep defaultinside it. Finally, press the Enter key on the keyboard to view the local address of the router.

If you have decided to act via your smartphone or tablet, if yours is an Android animated device , open the Settings menu > Network and Internet> Wi-Fi of the operating system and touch the gear symbol corresponding to the network name without wires to that you are connected to; then, tap on the Advanced item and take note of the numerical address visible next to the Gateway item .

On iPhone and iPad , the procedure is quite similar: go to the Settings> Wi-Fi menu of the device and tap the symbol (i) corresponding to the name of the router’s Wi-Fi network , to view the connection status panel (which includes the IP address of the router).

How to enter the router: general procedure

Once you have identified the IP address of the router, you can access its management panel very easily, both from your computer and from your smartphone (or tablet); usually, the administrative area of ​​the network device works the same way, except for the location of menus, buttons, and text boxes, which may differ depending on the size of the screen.

Having said that, to enter the router, open the navigation program or app you intend to use for the purpose, make sure that the device is still connected to the router’s generated network and type the IP of the latter device into the browser address bar .

Then, press Enter and press a few moments, so that the management panel of the router is completely loaded. Now, depending on the device in your possession, you may be asked to define a password to use to protect future logins or, again, you may be able to access its settings directly .

In other cases, the management area may be “factory” protected and prompt you to enter a username and password to use for login: usually, the default credentials for first access are admin / admin or admin / password ; on most modern network devices, they are printed on the back of the router , or shown inside the sales package .

If you cannot find the password to use to access the management panel of the router, the information you find in my guide to the most used router passwords may be useful ; alternatively, try to google default password [router brand and model] or take a look at the user manual supplied with the appliance.

Once the login phase is complete, you can use the router’s administrative interface to carry out a large number of operations, ranging from setting the access key for the Wi-Fi network to changing the operational channel of this. last , passing through the opening of the doors and many, many other adjustments of this type .

Unfortunately I am not able to provide you with specific information on the exact steps to take to access the router in your possession, as the procedures change (albeit not in an incisive way) based on the manufacturer and model of the appliance in question; however, by way of example, it is still possible for me to provide you with precise information on how to access the routers most commonly provided by telephone operators for Fiber / ADSL subscriptions.

How to enter the TIM router

If you have one of the modems of the TIM HUB or TIM HUB + family available , you must first obtain the password to access the device, usually written on the adhesive label on the back of the modem. Once the necessary information has been retrieved, open the browser, type the address the navigation bar of the program / app and press Enter .

Now, type the word admin in the Username field and enter the password you recovered earlier in the box immediately below; finally, press the Register button to enter the device management area.

If, on the other hand, yours is a previous generation TIM router or an Alice modem, you must type, in the navigation bar of the browser, the address http://modemtelecomor http://alicegate: after giving Enter and pressing the Login button , you will be asked to set a password to use for future logins.

Finally, regardless of the router model in your possession, you can also manage the device through the TIM Modem application , available on the Android Play Store , on the alternative markets dedicated to devices not equipped with Google services and on the iPhone App Store and iPad; in order to use it, however, you must have a MyTIM profile available , which can be created for free by following the instructions in my dedicated tutorial. More info here .

How to enter the Fastweb router

If you have the router FASTGate of Fastweb , after opening the browser of your choice, type in the address http://fastgatein the navigation bar and enter . At the first access, you will be asked to set a username and password to protect the management panel, to be used for future logins: after having specified them, press the Apply button and log in again, using the new credentials.

If, on the other hand, you have the new Fastweb neXXt router available or you prefer to manage the FASTGate via the app, you can use the MyFastweb application , available for Android (also on alternative stores ), iOS and iPadOS .

In order to use the app for purposes other than the management of a possible Fastweb SIM card, as in this case, you will need to use the personal data for accessing the MyFastweb area that were provided to you when signing the contract: if lost, you can recover them by following the instructions on this page . To find out more, read my specific guide on how to enter the Fastweb router .

How to enter the Vodafone router

To enter the Vodafone Power Station , the Vodafone Station Revolution or the classic Vodafone Station you must first identify the IP address which usually corresponds to http://vodafone.stationor to; in any case, find the information you need printed on the label stuck on the back of the device; in case of problems, you can still retrieve the IP of the router, following the instructions I gave you previously .

In any case, once you have recovered the IP address of the Vodafone Station, type it in the address bar of the browser you prefer and enter : within a few moments, you should access the router settings directly, without the need to enter credentials.

For this reason, immediately after the first access, I advise you to set a password to protect the administrative area: therefore, select the Settings item from the top bar, press on the wording Password that appears on the side and then on the Set password button ; now, type the new password twice in the appropriate text fields, enter your email address in the dedicated box and, finally, click on the Apply button .

Please note that, if you wish, you can access and manage Vodafone routers in all aspects using the Vodafone Station App, available on Android (also on alternative stores ) and on iPhone / iPad . For more information, see my tutorial on how to enter the Vodafone Station .

How to enter the TP-Link router

The steps required to access the TP-Link router management panel are practically the same as I told you about in one of the previous sections of this guide: so, to get started, retrieve the IP address of the device, as I explained to you. just now and enter it in the address bar of the browser.

Then, press Enter and, once the login screen has loaded, enter the word admin in both the username and password fields . Once this is done, press the Log in / Login button and wait for the device management interface to load completely.

As a security measure, I recommend that you change the default access password, common to all routers of the same family: to do this, click on the Advanced tab located at the top, then on the System Tools button (on the left) and, subsequently, on the wording Administration .

Finally, enter the old password (which should be admin ) in the text field of the same name and type the new access key in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields . Finally, click on the Save button and that’s it.

If you need additional clarifications, my tutorial on how to enter the TP-Link router will surely come in handy , full of valuable information about it.

How to enter the WIND TRE router

Accessing the WINDTRE Hub router or the Home & Life device , always supplied in combination with the most recent fiber and ADSL subscriptions, is really easy: the first thing to do, in this case, is to locate the adhesive label affixed to the back of the device , on the which are indicated the IP address of the modem , the username and the password to be used to log in and write down this last information.

So, first of all, enter the IP retrieved previously in the address bar of the browser you prefer, enter Enter and wait a few seconds for the connection to be established. If you see an error message, I recommend that you retrieve the IP address of the router yourself, following the steps I gave you in the initial chapter of this guide.

Once this is done, enter the username and password you noted previously, respectively, in the Username and Password fields and press the Login button to enter the device management panel. For more information, take a look at my specific guide on how to get into the WINDTRE modem .

How to enter the Linkem router

Entering the Linkem router is really child’s play: usually, the IP address to connect to is, to dispel any doubts, I recommend that you retrieve it independently, following the instructions I have given you in this chapter.

In any case, even in this case, you have to start the browser you prefer and type the IP address retrieved previously in the appropriate navigation bar; then, press Enter and, when you see the login screen appear, enter the guest username and password linkem123 in the appropriate fields and press the Login button to access the administrative area of ​​the device.

In case of doubts or problems, I suggest you read my tutorial on how to enter the Linkem modem , in which I was able to provide you with all the necessary information.

How to log into the FRITZ Box router

To access a router belonging to the FRITZ! Box family , first of all, locate the adhesive label on the base of the router and write down the password printed on it: for security reasons, in fact, the devices supplied by AVM do not have a default access key, but a random one is assigned in production.

In any case, once you have written down the password, open the browser of your choice and connect to the address; now, enter Enter and enter the FRITZ! Box Password in the appropriate text box; to finish, press the Login button and wait for the router management page to load completely.

If you prefer, you can also log in to FRITZ! Box routers via the MyFRITZ! App, available free of charge from the Google Play Store , the alternative markets for Android and the iOS and iPadOS App Store . More info here .


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