WiFi Router for Gaming vs Normal Router

We explain how to reduce Ping and how to stop suffering Lag in your games thanks to the best WiFi Routers for gaming

If you spend a good part of your time playing online, or when you play you want to achieve the maximum performance, first of all, you need a good connection. But sometimes even with good connections you don’t get as good pings as you should, and inexplicably sometimes there is lag. And even if you think your connection is working fine, who wouldn’t want to reduce 10 or 20 ping points?

In the end, if you want to compete on equal terms, you have to stabilize the FPS as high as you can, and reduce the ping as much as possible. Anyone who has wanted to compete in a shooter has read a thousand tutorials to improve the FPS, and surely has bought a powerful graphics card. But what is not so usual is to have investigated how to improve (reduce) the ping. In the best case, if your connection was ridiculous, you will have expanded your bandwidth. But did you know that your ping and lag can improve a lot more with a good WiFi router for gaming?

Here you can see the best WiFi routers for gaming on the market today

WiFi Router for Gaming vs Normal Router

The main difference and the one that interests you the most is that they achieve minimal or no latency. Latency is the time it takes for the data we generate online to cross the network, plus the time it takes for the response to reach us.

Gaming routers have QoS (Quality of Service) oriented to the game we play. Which means that they allow us to give priority to the game we play to access the network

On the other hand, routers can limit the speed that we have contracted. Obviously, gaming routers are prepared to assume very high speeds without limiting them.

You may have noticed that the further away from the router, the poorer performance. In general, gaming routers come prepared to achieve high speeds at greater distances, and even if there is a wall in between.

Why buy a router for gaming?

Because in the end, for a single payment of less than € 100, you will greatly improve your connection (Ping and Lag). And if you look at it a year from now, you will be paying much more for your connection, a connection that will not be well used if you do not use a special router for gaming with some power in its characteristics.

If for example you have achieved a ping 50 to 70 in CS: GO after improving your connection, but you see people who play with ping 20 or 30, or you improve your connection again, or you buy a decent WiFi router for gaming.

In the end the difference is that with a ping of 20 or 30 it is practically like playing on a LAN. With a ping 50 to 70, the normal thing is that you feel comfortable playing, at least until you come across a ping 20 and you don’t even know where it came from. He is not a cheater (surely), it is just that his connection is faster than yours and you are at a disadvantage.

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