How to earn KP in Battle Royale mode

Apex Legends has a number of ways to determine a player’s rank and who they pair with when playing ranked Battle Royale mode, and KP is an important part of that process. Here’s everything you need to know . What is KP in Apex Legends and how to earn it? .

Apex Legends KP explained

KP stands for Kill Points and is included in the calculations that occur after each game you play in ranked Battle Royale mode. To earn more RP, also known as ranked points, players must earn KP.

RP allows players to move from rank to rank in Apex Legends, and each KP a player earns equals 10 RP. This number increases with a team’s placement in the match, so the higher the place, the more RP they earn from their KP.

Each ranked match costs RP to enter, so earning as much RP as possible will prevent you from losing points after a match, even if you don’t win.

How to earn KP in Battle Royale mode

Kill Points are a combination of kills and assists limited to six per game. Therefore, getting kills and assists will earn you KP. So for example, if you get four kills and two assists with a win, you will earn the maximum amount of RP possible for your rank after the game.

The official site offers a bit more detail on the math used by Apex Legends when it comes to KP. There you can check all the specific numbers used when calculating your PR profit / loss.

Differences between arena modes

Arenas is a 3v3 mode that exists outside of the classic Battle Royale mode and as such uses different ranking methods. Instead of RP or KP, Arenas has AP – Arenas Points. The AP is only awarded for wins, so the number of kills doesn’t matter because the mode is so simple.

That’s all you need to know what KP is and how to earn it in Apex Legends . You can also check out the related articles below to learn more about our Apex Legends content, including the changes made in Season 10.

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