How To Get a Honey Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

A new update has been released for the Roblox Wacky Wizards game world, which means there is a new ingredient to come by. In this guide we will explain how to get the Wacky Wizards Honey ingredient, also called Honeycomb ingredient because of its design.

Get a Honey Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Start off by brewing a potion of speed in your cauldron, then head to the little tree with a yellow hive hanging from its branches. It’s near the giant tree in the main area it spawns, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

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When you get here you should find a “Sleeping Bee” that you can collect. Go ahead and grab it and bring it back to your cauldron and drop it to the ground.

Brew another speed potion and drop it to the ground, then place the sleeping bee in your cauldron. Create the potion and drink it and now you will turn into a bee.

Drink the speed potion you just dropped to the ground to increase your movement speed as a bee. Now head over to the giant tree next to the one you took out the sleeping bee, and you should find a hole near the top that oozes honey with a sign that says ‘Bees Only’.

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Head inside the hole, fly away and talk to the queen bee (the one with the giant crown on her head / back). Ask the queen bee how honey is made and she will tell you to go find the flowers that you can see inscribed on the wall in front of the queen. These are:

  • Cactus flower
  • Sunflower
  • Lava flower
  • Water lily
  • Daisy of the fields

The cactus flower can be found in the desert area near the train tracks where you collected the dynamite ingredient.

Image Credit: KingKade

Field daisies can be found scattered around cauldrons and trees in this large grassy area.

Image Credit: KingKade

The water lily can be found by the lake and is pink in color so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot.

The lava flower is in the crater at the top of the volcano, from which black smoke comes out.

Finally, the sunflower can be found through a hole in the roof of a rocky outcrop near the giant tree. This is on the other side of the tree from where you enter the hive.

Once you find a flower, go back to the hive and drop it into the corresponding hole in front of the queen bee. With all the flowers obtained, you will now see the Honey ingredient appear below the holes. It looks like Honeycomb, but it’s called Honey.

Put it back on your cauldron bank and set to permanently add to your ingredient list.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Honey ingredient in Wacky Wizards.

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