Warface: Battle Royale Guide

In this issue we will look at the mode, the map of the mode and the main tactics of fighting for victory.

Several days have passed since an update was released to the main server of the MMO shooter Warface , which included the new PvP mode ” Battle Royale “. In this guide, we will look at the still only map of the mode, and also highlight the main tips and tactics of the game for achieving multiple victories as a bonus.

Battle Royale?

This mode is multiplayer and is gaining popularity in many computer games, Warface is no exception. The idea of fighting was first described in the novel by best-selling Japanese writer Kosyuna Takami and dramatized in the film ” Battle Royale ” (eng. ” Of Battle Royale “) in 2000, where a group of kidnapped students were transported to a desert island. Within three days, they had to kill each other, and at the end of this time, only one survivor became the winner.

The catch of the whole battle was that the island had forbidden zones that changed over time. If the survivor was in this zone, his “collar” exploded and he died. Immediately before the battle, each participant was allocated a backpack with various objects: among them there could be an ax, a gun or an ordinary saucepan.

In our game, the concept is about the same, only instead of three days, the battle will take less than five minutes. For the allotted time, sixteen participants must show all the skill of the battle to the various weapons found in the vastness of the map. It is noteworthy that in Warface the gamer will not have to “loot” equipment. All equipment in which a fighter is equipped remains with him. Moreover, from the first seconds a fighter can use his own chosen melee weapon as a weapon ( instead of a saucepan, of course ).

  • Sixteen fighters are sent into battle to show their survival skills and take the honorable first place.
  • By the way, it doesn’t matter how many opponents were killed: even if you killed fourteen people and lost the battle to the last one, you will only take second place.
  • Fighters who died in the game can leave the match without losing the awards that will be issued after the end of the game session.


We did not go into the exact sciences and measure the card with a tape measure. And without these manipulations, it is clear that its scale is much larger than all currently existing maps in Warface . Just one battle was enough to discover many familiar places that are present on the maps of other PvP modes, in particular the ” Desert ” of the ” Survival ” mode :

  • The railway tracks that ended the “Desert” on the left edge in this case cut the map of the “Mojave” by about 35-40%.
  • The gas station and market remained where they were.
  • A complex with solar panels is also present in the map of this mode.
  • In the center is the beloved motel used not only in “Survival”, but also in the “Grinder”, as well as in “Team battle”.
  • There are also numerous recognizable objects and structures.

Almost every structure or vehicle (in the pickup cab) has a weapon box , better known to players as an RPG box . It is in them that the gamer will be able to find a weapon for survival. Also, after a certain amount of time (about forty seconds after the start of the battle), the first load of additional weapons will be dropped on the map, which can be tracked by falling parachutes.

Each subsequent minute, several types of “rare” weapons will be dropped into random places.

From the very beginning, completely randomly generated types of weapons for any class are scattered on the map, the supply of cartridges in which is limited: you can find a SIG 551 with a full clip to the top or a nondescript Daewoo K1 with thirteen rounds.


Exactly after thirty seconds of gameplay, an inscription will appear on the user’s screen, warning that the zone is narrowing:

The area looks like a large light orange dome. When narrowing, it emits a characteristic sound, so it is very difficult not to notice it, even if you are standing with your back to it. If you have forgotten, and the zone overtook you, rather run out of it, as a short stay outside the zone reduces health points (similar to the darkness from some special operations), and a long stay will end in the death of your fighter.


  • Equip the best gear: this composition can include combat or elite armor, helmets and boots. Such a configuration will allow you to hold out on the battlefield for the longest possible time, even after an effective firefight and receiving numerous injuries (you just have to sit in a shelter).
  • Choosing fast recharge gloves is stupid. It is more practical to use Kevlar Gloves, which increase the speed of melee attacks by 20%, their counterpart for Warbucks is Light Gloves.
  • Use camouflage. If you use a suitable camouflage, you can disguise yourself in the desert and overtake the enemy who simply did not notice you.
  • Take a sharper knife with you. It can be any knife with an increased attack speed, starting with a katana or a tactical ax and ending with knives for warbucks, the effectiveness of which you can familiarize yourself with here and choose a more suitable one.
  • First of all,after the start of the battle, try to get to the nearest weapon location as quickly as possible. Basically, boxes with weapons are located directly next to buildings, cars and various objects standing alone in the middle of the desert. Thus, if you find something, you will meet a possible approaching enemy not empty-handed, which will several times increase the chances of winning at such a meeting.
  • You can take several tactics as a basis: movement from cover to cover, without departing far from the narrowing zone (the zone moves so slowly that it will not be difficult to overtake it, even if the fighter is equipped in standard boots). Second: to get to the center of the map and take a favorable position for you to meet with the enemy (although the zone narrows randomly, the approximate point of its minimum narrowing is the center of the map, or rather a “motel”). These are just two main options for the development of events, starting from which you can create your own battle tactics.
  • Do not forget about the modules, or rather, about the fact that they can be removed on some guns! If the found weapon is worse than the existing one in terms of parameters, check if there are some modules in stock with it. If you’re lucky, you can “put together” a good arsenal of scopes or silencers.
  • Move constantly. Sitting in one place is a very bad idea: move around the shelters and look around as often as possible. Remember, finding out about the location of the nearest enemy before he notices you is already half the victory.
  • The entire map is strewn with explosive fuel barrels. If necessary, use this factor, because it is worth spending only one round for it to explode.
  • Take care of your ammo, because even the last round can be decisive. Aim for the head using any small arms (not counting shotguns). If you entered into a firefight with a fighter at long or medium distances – try to spend ammo to a minimum, dodge bullets by jumping, sliding or entering the “prone” position. Do everything so that your opponent’s ammunition runs out before he kills you. This is not the most practical advice, but it will work as an option.
  • Fact: when the zone is narrowed to the minimum values, only a few fighters will survive. In the future, the development of events depends on you and your opponents, if only two or three people survived, then it is rational to have a shotgun or an assault rifle with you in advance.



  • Perfect Assassin: Kill 1000 enemies in Battle Royale.
  • Don’t Get Close: Kill 100 enemies with melee combat in Battle Royale.


  • ” Survivor“: take the first place in the “Battle Royale.”
  • ” Man of Steel“: take the second place in the “Battle Royale.”
  • ” Elusive Avengers“: take the third place in the “Battle Royale.”
  • ” New Killer“: kill 10 enemies in the “Battle Royale.”
  • ” Incendiary party“: Kill 10 enemies with explosives in the “Battle Royale.”


  • ” Survival of the Master“: take the first place in the “Battle Royale” 10 times.
  • ” A born champion“: take the first place in the “Battle Royale” 50 times.
  • ” Return of the King“: take the first place in the “Battle Royale” 100 times.
  • ” Experienced killer“: Kill 100 enemies in the “Battle Royale.”


And now we will reveal the secret that is currently not available to all W arface players . We got our hands on a complete list of weapons that can be found in the vastness of the Mojave map. All weapons that appear on the battlefield are divided into several levels:

  • The firstthrough third levels are the usual weapon crates that are filled when the match is loaded. The chance of getting weapons of any of these levels is about the same ~ 3% . Weapon boxes located on the map can not contain weapon drops of the fourth level.
  • The fourth levelis the airdrop. The ammo in a dropped weapon is always the same for the same type in any match.

First level

  • M4A130 rounds
  • H&K G36K30 rounds
  • Daewoo K230 rounds
  • Steyr M9A112 rounds
  • Daewoo K513 rounds
  • H&K MP530 rounds
  • H&K G36C30 rounds
  • FN P9050 rounds
  • Daewoo K130 rounds
  • M4 CQB30 rounds
  • Skorpion vz. 8330 rounds
  • B&T MP-930 rounds
  • Remington Model 87010 rounds
  • Remington 870 CB8 rounds
  • MC 255 125 rounds

Second level

  • Galil AR25 rounds
  • AK-4730 rounds
  • H&K MP730 rounds
  • AK-925 rounds
  • AUG A3 9mm XS30 rounds
  • Daewoo K730 rounds
  • SIG 55230 rounds
  • JS 9mm30 rounds
  • Saiga8 rounds
  • Jackhammer10 rounds
  • Cobray Striker12 rounds
  • Hawk Pump12 rounds
  • Benelli Nova tactical5 rounds
  • AA-1220 rounds
  • UTAS UTS-1513 rounds
  • SPAS-156 rounds
  • Desert Eagle7 rounds
  • H&K USP13 rounds
  • Beretta M915 rounds
  • PYa ‘Rook’18 rounds
  • Beretta M93R20 rounds

Third level

  • SIG 55130 rounds
  • FN F200030 rounds
  • FN SCAR-H20 rounds
  • Famas F130 rounds
  • Type 9730 rounds
  • AS ‘Val’20 rounds
  • IMBEL IA230 rounds
  • MSBS Radon30 rounds
  • XM8 Compact30 rounds
  • H&K UMP25 rounds
  • Beretta MX4 Storm30 rounds
  • SIG Sauer P226 C20 rounds
  • M1911A17 rounds
  • Glock 18C33 rounds
  • Mateba Autorevolver6 rounds
  • Walther P9915 rounds
  • CZ 75-Auto26 rounds
  • USAS-1220 rounds
  • Saiga-12S8 rounds
  • Mossberg 500 Custom8 rounds
  • Anakon6 rounds
  • SIX126 rounds
  • Fabarm SAT 8 Pro8 rounds
  • Derya MK-10 VR 10211 rounds
  • Fabarm STF 12 Compact6 rounds
  • Fabarm XLR5 Prestige7 rounds
  • Sidewinder Venom10 rounds
  • MAG-75 rounds
  • M240B150 rounds
  • Daewoo K360 rounds

Fourth level

  1. M16A3 Custom30 rounds
  2. Beretta ARX16030 rounds
  3. CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A130 rounds
  4. Enfield L85A2 Custom30 rounds
  5. RPD Custom100 rounds
  6. AX3083 rounds
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