Fortnite: Battle Royale – Best Landing Points

Where is the best place to land at the start of the game.Below you can check out the Fortnite: Battle Royale map , which lists the best landing zones in the game.

Fortnite: Battle Royale map consists of several different areas and has a considerable number of zones where you can find certain items. However, there are places that stand out from the rest with a large number of chests. Some positions are easy to reach, while others are hidden. This guide will show you where to find them. The listed places are not so obvious and popular, which means that the probability that you will meet an enemy in them is negligible.


1 – tower north of Wailing Woods.

The perfect place to start. At this point, you can find weapons scattered on the ground and up to three chests. One of them is on the top, the other is on the second floor, and the third is in the attic. And after you find them, you can go to the west, where there is even more loot.

2 – ice cream truck on the hill. There you will find up to two chests facing each other.

3/4/5/6 – at points 3/5/6 there are two houses, inside which you can find up to two chests. Two of them can be located in a house with a basement (one in the attic, the other in the basement), and the third in a neighboring house. In addition, at point “4” there is a huge tree with two chests and an ammo box.

7 – up to two chests can be found in the tunnel. This place is hidden behind a wall. After plundering the area, you can go to Tomato Town and fight opponents.

8 – a place for camping. There are up to three chests in the barn. In addition, a large amount of metal can be collected here.

9/10 – Moisty Mire is rarely visited by other players due to one drawback – slow movement in the water. You can take advantage of this and collect the best equipment by looting as many as six chests scattered around the location, as well as collecting loot from trees. In addition, trees can be destroyed to obtain wood.

11 – secret location. Rarely does anyone come here, and this is by far the best starting position in the game (with the exception of the northeastern part of the map). Here you will find a mountain of cars, where up to five chests are hidden.

12 – a bridge with two chests and a lot of metal.

13 – There is a large tree at the top with up to three chests.

14 – there is a destroyed military bus at the top, which contains up to two chests.

15 – a hut in the forest, which is rarely visited by anyone. After you search the house, you will be armed to the teeth and can go to the “Amusement Park”. There are up to three chests in the house.

16 – two small huts with three chests. Rarely visited place.

17 – two small huts with three chests. The place is so far away that gamers rarely visit it.

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