where to find valuable loot in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Every Fortnite Battle Royale player knows that getting the best loot possible as early as possible in any match will give them a significant edge over the competition and are essential to survival. But how to do that?

All you have to do is know a few places where some valuable loot consistently drops out in the game. It’s important to note that most of these spots are on the top of the island, so if you have a chance to jump out of the plane to the north, then do so – in that case, you will be sure to find quite a few chests for decent equipment.

Sometimes the plane can fly from the bottom of the map, so you should know at least one place in the south with good loot. To get a complete picture of the distribution of loot on the map, just follow our recommendations using the screenshots below.

Wailing Wood – 1st place

The first place you’ll want to explore for valuable loot in Fortnite Battle Royale is right above Wailing Wood, in block G2 on the map. There is a tall wooden tower with several floors. Some of the best chests are hidden in this place!

Wailing Wood – 1st place

The first chest is hidden behind a wall on the second tier – you will see that it shines through the wooden planks. Another is located at the very top of the tower, where random loot will lie around it.

You will need to build an extra set of ladders to get there, so make sure to stock up on your inventory with wood.

Wailing Wood – second place

The next place you should definitely check is the ice cream truck that spawns on the high ground in front of the wooden tower (previous loot location). He will be at the top of the F2 block on the map.

Wailing Wood – second place

Usually there is always one treasure chest near the truck. But sometimes an extra chest appears on the top of the truck, so be sure to check that spot too.

After that, go down the hill and search two houses for additional supplies, which are lying under the stairs.

Anarchy Acres

Moving further towards the north-central part of the map from Wailing Wood, you will stumble upon a river and a bridge connecting the farming area to the Anarchy Acres location node.

Anarchy Acres

This is another great place to loot for chests and ammo, which are hidden in the basement of the farmhouse and around the bridge. Check out all the trucks in this part of the location, as other weapons and ammo will usually spawn here as well.

But you also need to be extremely careful: Anarchy Acres is a place that many gamers visit, so you should be prepared for possible collisions.

Pleasant park

Another great place to get loot in the northern part of the map is the amusement park. There are many buildings in this place, but in reality there is only one building in this area – a modern three-story house located in the southeastern part of the map.

Pleasant park

The chest is hidden inside the garage, so use the pickaxe to knock out the doors and get it. But don’t rush to leave! Check the house, especially the upper floors. There are no chests in the house, but you will find a few random items scattered throughout the rooms.

Flush factory

Another place to find valuable loot is located at the bottom of the map – this is Flush Factory. Pay special attention to the southern factory building, where you will see a large platform – there is always loot on it. But don’t neglect the periphery of the factory – look for loot outside of it. Something truly valuable can be found here.

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