How to create an email account in Outlook

First of all, Outlook is a platform used worldwide to be able to communicate safely with other contacts. Which has become one of the most popular and used by users because it offers a large number of useful tools. This site has a great history , where at the beginning it was known as Hotmail and a long time later its name was changed to Outlook.

Since this is a platform widely  used by users , it is necessary that we all have an account to be able to communicate. Therefore, below we will show you all the benefits that it brings and how to create an account easily.

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  1. What are the main benefits of creating an email account?
  2. So you can create your email account step by step
    1. On your mobile
    2. With your computer or PC
  3. Where can I get the official app to log into Outlook?
    1. On an iPhone
    2. With your Android

What are the main benefits of creating an email account?

It is clear that this great platform has thousands of benefits for its users. It is also highly recommended for the simple way to enter it. Among its tools it provides a browser and options to receive different emails , in the same way to preserve and organize them. It is also possible to attach photos and files to send to other users .

Among its main benefits is being able to send all kinds of messages or files to other people easily and safely. Since it is available to all users and it is completely free . By having an Outlook it is possible to subscribe to other sites in which you can develop other types of activities.

This facilitates obtaining jobs due to the large number of users who have emails which are useful for interviews and as a means of notifications. Also subscribe to different social networks managing to share with friends and family. It is common for some users to have lost access to it, if this happens you should know the easiest way to recover it .

So you can create your email account step by step

Having an account on this platform is a really simple process, which does not require much effort. To do this you can use different devices that have internet access and those that seem most comfortable for you. Among them are computers and cell phones.

On your mobile

To do it from your cell phone you will only have to position yourself on the main screen, then enter the settings, also known as settings . Upon entering you will be able to see a list of different options, in which we must look for the one that says ‘Accounts’.

In this section we must go to the last section that says ‘Add account’, in this new area you will see different applications where we will have to look for the Outlook one, press it and wait for it to load. When you access you will only have to press the part that says create account , then it will ask us for our personal information such as our name and date of birth. We must also write an email which will be the one we use to always enter our account. Then we will only have to enter a password, remember that this is greater than eight characters.

Then wait for it to load so that your account is fully created, if you want to see all the messages and check your email itself, you need to enter the application. When you enter your account, you will be able to change your profile photo so that when you send any email, users can easily identify you.

With your computer or PC

You will only have to enter your favorite browser and the search engine and enter Outlook . Press the first option of the search where it will open the specific page of the site. Here you must click on the ‘Register’ option.

Upon entering, a form will appear which asks you for all the important information to be able to create it. Like what country are you from, your full name and the password you want to have when entering. At the bottom a special character may appear where you will only have to enter the letters of the photo. By doing this you will finally be able to press the ‘OK’ button. Ready you will only have to wait for it to load and you will observe your Outlook email account where you can start any activity. When you want to leave, you will only have to log out and enter at another time when necessary.

Where can I get the official app to log into Outlook?

Once you have the Outlook account, it is necessary to have the platform to be able to receive the different emails.

But you must have the official App that allows us to perform any procedure safely. Many users fear downloading pirated applications that steal their important data, that is why you must tell and know how to obtain the specific application that Outlook gives us for our cell phones.

On an iPhone

Once you are on the main screen of your cell phone, you must go to the official iPhone store which is the App Store, in this store you will find all the safe and reliable applications that you must download. In the search engine type ‘Microsoft Outlook’ when doing so, enter the first option and press the button that says Install, wait for time to pass and at the end enter the application and access your account.

With your Android

The process is very similar like the iPhone, but in the case of Android you have to access the ‘Play Store’ that our device has. We will only search for Microsoft Outlook and download the first option that appears in the search. Once installed we just have to press the button that says ‘Enter’ and we go to the section that says ‘Add account’, we will only add the email address that we have registered in Outlook to continue.


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