How to add horizontal line in email messages in Outlook

Add one horizontal line in the messages of email in Outlook can be very useful for treating various topics in one email, to format and provide visual appeal. In this way we can organize our ideas to give more importance to some and others. In addition, we can separate several topics covered in the same email.

There are several ways to add a horizontal line in the messages of an email in Outlook, all that is necessary is to follow the steps that we will leave a little below so that you can start applying it to all your emails.

Add horizontal line in Outlook email

In the interface of ” New email “, we will have to click on “Messages”. Once we are inside the email message, we will have to go to where we want the horizontal line to be.

Now in the “Insert” tab in the “Symbols” group, we will have to click on the “Horizontal line” button.

It will appear in the message that separates the paragraph into sections and will be inserted occupying the entire width of the screen.

How to use AutoFormat

Additionally we can insert a horizontal line in our message using AutoFormat. If we write three characters in the desired location, a horizontal line will appear. But we can use it for several things.

  • Dash: *** and then press Enter.
  • Equal sign: === then hit Enter.
  • Underline: ___ then press Enter.
  • Asterisk: *** then press Enter.
  • Pound sign: ### and then press Enter.
  • Tides: ~~~ then hit Enter.

How to place a horizontal line in text

When we talk about putting a horizontal line in the text , this is known as ” Strikethrough ” and is available in the “Format” tab, after this we will have to click on the strikethrough icon, previously we must have selected the text that we want to cross out.

Obviously, if we press the icon on the left side of the strikethrough (represented by an abc ) we will have the possibility of adding a horizontal line at the top of the text, said icon is represented by a “U”. In this way we can underline the text, which would be the same as placing a horizontal line in it.


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