How to play Call of Duty without internet

Call of Duty has become one of the most sought after video games by people interested in this topic. And thanks to its different versions for mobile devices and computers, it allows you to play without an internet connection , although with some limitations if you run it this way.

Certainly, this is only possible if you run the game from a PS4 or an Xbox One, since the video game comes on a disc and you only have to complete its installation . However, the consumption of megabytes of Call of Duty when playing it with the internet, is not very excessive to say.

Like many other video games, you can play it with the internet or without the internet . The problem occurs when the internet you have is slow. For this reason, the designers of Call of Duty implemented a minimum internet speed requirement so that its users can enjoy it without problems.

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  1. Approximately how much internet does playing Call of Duty consume?
  2. What is the recommended internet connection speed to play CoD?
  3. Is it possible to play Call of Duty without having a stable internet connection?
  4. What other games can be played without an internet connection on an Android device?
    1. Alto’s Odyssey
    2. Badland
    3. Downwell
    4. Duet
    5. Evoland 2

Approximately how much internet does playing Call of Duty consume?

Call of Duty internet consumption can vary greatly, and this depends on several factors, such as the version of the game, the more updated the game is, the more internet consumption it will generate. And this due to the technology that is implemented in each of its updates .

However, these updates are necessary to improve the quality of the game, add new settings and improve the player experience. Although the difference in data consumption between one version and another more updated is not much.

Even though internet consumption varies in each game , it is possible to have an approximate standard figure, thanks to certain applications that you can download to measure internet consumption. After several tests with different data measurement applications, an average figure was obtained in response to the data consumption of one hour of Call of Duty play.

This game has a consumption of 120 Megabytes per hour , however, this consumption can increase to about 200 Megabytes or even be reduced by half depending on the type of game you play and how long you last in them.

What is the recommended internet connection speed to play CoD?

To enjoy a game without interruptions , your internet speed has a lot to do with it. You should also take into account the latency of this . The lower the ping, the better the playing experience.

To enjoy a game without interruptions a speed of 5 Megabytes is recommended . And although it is possible to play with a lower speed, it will not be the same performance of the game. Not counting that with future updates, you will likely need a better internet speed.

Is it possible to play Call of Duty without having a stable internet connection?

Without a doubt, if it is possible to play Call of Duty without having a stable internet connection . Since the game can open normally, although only to a certain extent. Once you start the game, this is where you will see the consequences of having a high ping or an internet speed lower than what is recommended.

An unstable internet connection can significantly affect game performance to the point where you will not be able to advance in your game. Even if you have a lot of patience and decide to continue with the game, you will have many limitations in this.

If you decide to start a game of Call of Duty without having a stable internet connection, the server may take you out of the game in the middle of the game , in addition to causing delay in the scores. In the same way, other consequences of a high latency or an unstable internet are the following.

  • Makes your character’s movements slow
  • Constantly freezes the screen image of the CoD game
  • Makes graphics pixelated
  • Return your character to a specific place after having moved from it

What other games can be played without an internet connection on an Android device?

Most of the games that we download and install on our Android device require an internet connection , either because they require certain data to be stored in the cloud, also to validate that we have them legally installed or simply because they offer functions that are only available with an internet connection.

However, it is also possible to find games that can run correctly even without an internet connection . Next we will show you some of the most popular ones, which you can find in the Play Store application library of your Android device.

Alto’s Odyssey

This game is available for both Android and iPhone in any of their application libraries. The objective of this game is simple, although as you progress through the level, it becomes a little more complicated.

It is about a skier who must avoid obstacles on the way, without stopping while performing tricks to obtain points. Downloading and installing this game does not require an internet connection .


This game is undoubtedly one of the most interesting that you can find in the application library of the Play Store , without naming that it is completely free and you will only need internet when downloading it, then you can enjoy it without an internet connection.


Downwell’s objective is to entertain its users through a first-person adventure where the main character must eliminate the creatures that are inside a well , in which he enters and embarks on a treasure hunt.

Despite all its incredible graphics and multiple levels , this game can be downloaded and installed on your Android device from the Play Store library for free.


One of the most interesting, popular and strange games that you can download and install from the Play Store to run without any internet connection is Duet. Although its graphics are quite simple, what is striking about this game is what you have to do in it.

Duet is quite simple, it is about controlling two orbs to prevent them from hitting another object and as the level progresses it becomes more difficult. You can download it through the Play Store application library.

Evoland 2

Evoland 2, the sequel to the video game Evoland, is an adventure in which you can investigate a role-playing video game as is . Its incredible graphics and history have made it one of the most sought after and downloaded games.

Just by downloading and installing the game on your Android device from the application library of the Play Store, you can now enjoy it without an internet connection .


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