How to edit received email in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to edit received emails in Outlook.Changes you make to the email you receive will be saved locally for your links and will not reflect the changes in the email to the sender or other email recipients. In this article, we will show you how to edit received emails in Microsoft Outlook using Windows PC.

Email is an effective and efficient way to transfer all types of data. It is the most demanded way of communication for many companies, businesses and access to the environment of many people in the workplace.

However, sometimes you may receive an email with an empty subject line or subject that is missing a corresponding description so that you can identify the email for future reference. More often than not, an email message is filled with a lot of unwanted text, such as signatures or a list of unnecessary addresses and information.

In such cases, you may want to have an option that will allow you to add an appropriate subject and edit the message in the received email. If you are looking for a suitable way to edit the subject and message of a received email, you are in the right place.


  1. Edit Received Email in Microsoft Outlook
  • Change the subject line of a received message
  • Edit the text body of the received message

Edit Received Email in Microsoft Outlook

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlookon your computer.
  2. In your inbox, find the letter you want to change.
  3. Double click the email to make changes in a separate window.
  4. Now, on the toolbar on the toolbar, go to the Movesection and click the Actions button in the menu.
  5. Select Edit Messagefrom the drop-down menu. This opens the email in edit mode.

Change the subject line of a received message

To change the subject line of the email, click the subject field in the email.

Change the subject line.

Click the Save button in the upper left corner of the email window.

Edit the text body of the received message

  1. To edit an email message, click the body text below the subject line.
  2. Edit the message. You can delete the entire message, delete unnecessary data, make corrections or enter additional data as you see fit.
  3. After that, click the Savebutton to apply the changes.

The changes made above will only appear in your inbox and will not be reflected in the email from the sender or any other recipients.

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