How to send attachments in an Outlook email

Learning how to send attachments in an Outlook email is necessary to be able to handle this service correctly. Emails offer the ability to send messages with attachments. That is, the message or the body of the email does not have to be alone, since it can be accompanied by a file.

These files refer to images, videos, documents or presentations that are on your device. So they can be uploaded to Outlook email and then sent to one or more recipients.

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  1. What is the maximum size that can be sent in Outlook?
  2. How can I send files that exceed the weight limit?
  3. Steps to attach a file to an Outlook email
    1. From the PC
    2. On the cell phone
  4. How to insert an image in the body of the email?
  5. What to do if Outlook indicates that the file is not secure?
  6. What other items can be attached to an Outlook email?
    1. A business card
    2. A calendar
    3. An Outlook item

What is the maximum size that can be sent in Outlook?

Regarding the size of the body of the message, the messaging services are prepared to be able to send large messages. However, these services put a size limit on the attachments that you want to insert on the platform.

Therefore, when sending an email to a contact, you must ensure that the file does not exceed the limit marked. This limit establishes that each file must be less than 20 Megabytes in size. Or MB . So if the file you are trying to send exceeds this size, you have to find another way to upload it to Outlook. Then, if the messages are important, you can sort the Outlook messages into custom folders .

How can I send files that exceed the weight limit?

There are some procedures that can be performed to send a file that is over the weight limit in Outlook. Just don’t forget that you can change the default language in this email so that you can find the buttons more easily.

Uploading the file to a cloud is the simplest and most used process in this type of case. Well, it is a solution that the mail itself offers its users so that they do not have to search for other pages. In this sense, there is the possibility of using One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or another that is useful.

Therefore, when uploading the file to email, you can choose to upload it to the email cloud. On the other hand, you can search for a cloud in another place and upload the file to it, then said cloud generates a link. This link is pasted into the body of the message to give someone else access to the cloud.

Going through the process of compressing a file is another possible solution to upload a file to Outlook without exceeding the weight limit. In this case, you have to use a file compressor and lower the weight of the file so that it falls within the limits.

In the case that the file is an image, Outlook also has an option to reduce the size of it. To do this, you have to upload the image to the mail and then look at the file option. After that, we get into information where to look for attachments. This is where you can see the section to resize an image.

Steps to attach a file to an Outlook email

Uploading and sending attachments in Outlook email is very easy , since there are not many steps to do or go through. These processes can be done in any device that can be connected to the mail platform, from computers to mobiles. If none of these procedures is sufficient to upload or attach the file, remember that you can contact Outlook support .

From the PC

The first thing to do is open the Outlook account or the mail from where the message is going to be sent. Subsequently, you must touch the option to send a new message or write in some cases. It is then when you go to a window where the message or mail is made.

Next, the recipient plus the full body of the message is entered. After that, and at the bottom you have to distinguish the options bar, in it, the button to attach a file appears. When this is selected, there is the recent option which shows the newest files on the PC.

On the other hand, there is also the browse button, which opens a box where you can search for files on the computer. When you have already selected the file you want to upload, you have to click on upload and wait until the upload is complete. Then the message can be sent.

On the cell phone

In the case of cell phones, the process for sending attachments in Outlook email is not very different . The big difference is that instead of using the browser, the mobile application of the mail is used.

So, the procedure is the same, you have to open the mail and then try to write a new message. Later, in the bar, you look for the option that allows you to attach files and you search the phone memory. Then the file is uploaded and the message is sent. Attachments can also be added when automatic replies are activated.

How to insert an image in the body of the email?

An image can also be uploaded to Outlook email, this time in the body of the email. In this type of procedure to start you must put the cursor on the part where the image will be loaded. Then the bar is pushed to insert and then in the part that says images.

We then look for the image that we want to select, select it and press insert . Then this image appears within the message, where it can be resized so that it does not look so large.

What to do if Outlook indicates that the file is not secure?

When Outlook gives a warning that a file is not safe, it is nothing to worry about. Well, this warning is generated by several things, one of them is that the file exceeds the corresponding weight limit . In the same way, it can be read when the origin of the image is not known correctly, then it generates an error.

What to do when this warning or error occurs is to go ahead on the continue button . Well, if that file must be sent, you have to finish uploading it in the mail. On the contrary, if it is not very important, you can change this file and select another from the library of your device. This bypasses the notice that the file is not secure and you can continue writing the message.

What other items can be attached to an Outlook email?

Pictures and files are not the only content that can be uploaded to Outlook. Well, there are other elements that can be inserted in the mail so that they can later be sent to other people. These can be business cards or calendars.

A business card

Outlook has some cards that can be sent for special occasions. In this case, what you have to do is give it insert, look for the part of the cards and then send it to the intended contacts. There are several models and shapes to be able to choose one for each occasion.

A calendar

A calendar as a reminder can also be sent to contacts. Well, you just have to choose the dates and some notes in case you want to add reminders or notices. It is used to plan meetings or notify of any celebration or important event.

An Outlook item

In Outlook items you can get scheduled messages that can be attached. These serve more than everything for congratulations or meeting announcements, also to thank things.

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