How to convert your Word file to PDF

In general, there are two types of formats that most people work with and they are PDF and Word format. Likewise, with the Word format you can work on multiple things from making a simple text to adding table graphics , apart from offering many more tools. Instead, the PDF format has very few tools and from the moment the PDF is saved it cannot be modified.

However, despite the fact that the PDF cannot be modified, it has an advantage and that is that it can be viewed and printed without modifying any of the reflected text or images , in short, what it contains will not move. For this reason, here we will teach you how to save a Word file in PDF format in a very simple way.

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  1. How can you change the format of your Word file to PDF?
  2. There are three ways to convert
    1. From the Word mobile app
    2. With the Word website
    3. On Windows or Mac

How can you change the format of your Word file to PDF?

Microsoft Word is one of the best programs to work with and one of the best text editors in the world, it is also considered one of the best tools that Windows has ever created. Besides, it is not only due to the Word format but also to other formats such as PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, all of these make people’s lives much easier, both for those who work and for those who study.

There are many options offered by Microsoft, but in particular there are two of the most used and from time to time it is necessary to convert one of these two types of formats to another of the same. That is, convert a Word to PDF and vice versa, but many people do not know how to do this type of conversion. However, there are different methods that can be  implemented to perform some type of conversion of this type and here we will teach you.

There are three ways to convert

From the Word mobile app

To make a conversion through mobile, you will have to have downloaded the Word application and in this way we can do it. Now, apart from this application, there is another that also allows you to make this type of change in a Word document and it is WPS Office, which works easily.

On the other hand, to be able to convert a Word document to PDF using the Word application, you will have to take into account that it can only be done by sharing the document through some options such as WhatsApp , email or another that it shows you. After you share the document you can download it so you can have it on your phone in PDF format. So, go into the app and go into the document and then select the three dots to click on share as PDF.

With the Word website

Many people do not know that there are some websites that allow you to convert a Word file to a PDF and the truth is that these websites are very easy to use to do this type of conversion. Just like PDF to Word conversions can be done and also other types of file conversions.

Now in the case of converting a Word document to PDF, there are some free pages that will allow you to carry out this procedure with a few steps, but this time we will be using the Adobe page. With this page you can make different conversions in a matter of seconds. The steps to make the conversion are as follows:

  1. Go to the Adobe website .
  2. Once you have entered the web page, you must click on the “Select a file” option and a pop-up window will appear where you can search for the site where the document to be converted is located.
  3. Then select the document and open it so it can be loaded to the page.
  4. Now, you will have to wait a few seconds for the page to start converting.
  5. Then you can download the PDF by clicking on the “Download” option and then you can save the PDF in the folder you want.

On Windows or Mac

One of the ways to convert a Word document to PDF without having to install a program or application and with little use of a website, is by using the office package that comes installed on your Windows or Mac computer. Now a lot of time looking for other alternatives.

Now to do it from your Windows computer, you will have to perform the following steps and thus achieve the conversion , these steps are:

  1. The first thing will be to open Microsoft Word or directly search for the document you want to convert and then open it.
  2. You can then edit the document if necessary before converting the format, or else you can leave it as is. 
  3. Then you will have to click on the “File” or “File” option located in the upper left corner of the screen and right there look for the “Save As” or “Knows As”option and click on the option.
  4. Then a pop-up window will appear where you can decide where to save the document and once you have chosen the location you can continue with the choice of format.
  5. Now, in that same window you can click on the “Type” box where the different types of formats in which you can save the document will appear.
  6. Then look for the “PDF” option and select it.
  7. Finally, click on the “Save” or “Save”option .

In the case of a Mac computer, you will have to do the procedure very similarly and the only thing that will change is the name of some options, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Word document you want to convert and make sure to make any necessary changes to it before converting.
  2. Now select the dropdown menu and look for the “Save As” option.
  3. Now in the window that will appear, you can choose the location where it will be saved and you can also change the name.
  4. Then click on the “File Format”option and choose the “PDF” option.
  5. Finally, click on “Export” to save the document in PDF format.
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