How to record a PowerPoint class

PowerPoint is a program conceived to make layouts of schematic presentations . With it you can add texts and animations in an attractive and elegant way. It also allows you to add clip art or export them from your computer or directly from the web.

Download PowerPoint and you will have at hand a tool that will give your presentations a professional touch. Not only will you have the power to quickly edit a class, share it in a simple and personalized way, but you will also be able to add audio to it that will support your description without the need to use another program.

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  1. How to create intervals in your slides so that they wait for you when presenting?
  2. How to add narration and record presentation from PowerPoint?
    1. Configure your webcam to record you too
    2. Use Droidcam to record your face from your Android mobile
  3. What is the best way to share the video with other users?

How to create intervals in your slides so that they wait for you when presenting?

The versatility of PowerPoint allows you to generate intervals to synchronize them with your presentation . You can modify the duration of the transition between slides or specify the time you consider necessary, modify the effects and even add specific sounds. To configure the speed of the transition, select the slide and in the “duration” box and in the transitions tab, write the number of seconds you want. In that same tab you can click on “effect options” and apply it to the selected slide.

You can also turn your Word into a PowerPoint presentation and apply the timing options and any other features of the application. There are different pages that offer you this tool for free. Online2Pdf is a very popular on the Web . You don’t need to download it. You only select the Word file. This should be a maximum of 100 MB. You can select up to 20 files, but they must not exceed 150 MB.

How to add narration and record presentation from PowerPoint?

For an elegant presentation that keeps your audience’s attention, PowerPoint allows you to record the narration and play it back in sync as the slides slide by. You must first open your PowerPoint presentation already designed with all its slides and follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the “slideshow” option
  2. Select “record slide show”
  3. Go to “settings” in the upper right corner
  4. View the microphone you want to use if you have more than one connected
  5. Hit the “record” button in the top left corner
  6. Wait for the countdown and start recording your narration.

You can also add hyperlinks to your PowerPoint presentation to give it an extra touch of professionalism and make your presentation interesting by displaying related information on the web or creating emails.

Configure your webcam to record you too

For the ultimate personalized touch to your presentation, configure your webcam so that your image also appears in the video. This will also give the feel of a live performance that will enhance the quality of your work and keep the audience focused. You can even turn your mouse pointer into a presentation laser to support your narration feedback.

Simply open your PowerPoint presentation already designed and follow the same instructions shown for the microphone configuration only now you must choose the webcam that you have connected to your computer . In the lower right corner you can see the preview icon where you can verify the correct focus of your camera. You click on the “record” button and your video will be taking place as your slides slide. You should then go back to your slides and proceed to convert your recording to video. For this follow these steps:

  1. Go to the file menu and click on “export”
  2. Click on create a video
  3. Select your preferred video quality option
  4. Press “create video”
  5. Give it a name, assign it a location and press save
  6. Wait for the program to create the video
  7. Go to the place where you saved it and review your production

Use Droidcam to record your face from your Android mobile

Droidcam is a tool that allows you to transform your mobile’s camera into a webcam to integrate it with your PC. To use it you must make sure that your cell phone and your PC are connected to the same WIFI network. To download it to your computer, follow these steps

  1. Go to your mobile app store
  2. Find the app and press install
  3. On your computer download the DroidCam Client app for PC

What is the best way to share the video with other users?

The daily hustle and bustle and the urgency of sharing information from anywhere and at any time can force you to look for options to make contact with other users faster. PowerPoint offers you an easy way to get your presentations in front of everyone you care about. You can share your videos by saving them in the cloud and sending them to other users. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Select a location to save your presentation to the cloud
  2. Click on “share”
  3. Choose a permission level
  4. select apply
  5. Write the names and a message
  6. Select send


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