How to convert image to PDF file without apps? – Complete guide

Do you need to convert your files to PDF? Today there are many ways to achieve this end , which range from web pages, applications, or even from the Office suite programs on your computer, among other options.

A PDF is very useful because you can read the information without the need to be connected to the internet , on the other hand, modifying a PDF file requires tools and knowledge in addition to the basic uses. If you want to know about this topic, we explain some options that you can use for your diary and thus get out of trouble.

How to convert image to PDF file without apps? – Complete guide

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  1. How to convert an image to PDF from your cell phone?
    1. Convert it online from websites
    2. Use a converter app
  2. What tools can you use to convert an image to PDF?
  3. How to import the PDF file from the online converter to your gallery?

How to convert an image to PDF from your cell phone?

One of the alternatives that can help you the most is to convert your files from your mobile device without having to download an application that fills up your phone’s memory. You must go to your browser and search for JPG to PDF, once inside you proceed to carry out the conversion.

Convert it online from websites

Converting a file to PDF is something you can do from any smart device. When the search engine shows you the results, choose the first option that appears, which is the IlovePDF platform, and perform the following steps:

  • Click the red ‘Select JPG Image’ button.
  • Locate the image in the gallery or folder of your smartphone.
  • In case of converting more than one image, the page shows you a button with which you can upload more files.
  • Rotate the image or customize it in case you need it: page orientation, document size, margin.
  • Once the document is ready, press the red button that says ‘Convert to PDF’.
  • Then click where it says ‘Download PDF’ and you’re done.

Use a converter app

There are applications that are responsible for doing the job without having to resort to traditional methods and convert anything we have saved. Download the application called ‘PDF Converter’, once installed you will notice that its interface is easy to use, so you won’t have any problem in carrying out the task.

In case of converting the information on a web page, you must go to the button that says ‘Browser’ , which takes you to the page where the information you want to transform is, such as a query made on Wikipedia or another online site.

If what you want is to work with an image you must go to the section that says ‘Images’, and select the image , photo or capture with which you need to work.

In the case of transforming a Word document to PDF , the procedure is similar, as you will see, this app allows you to transform different types of documents stored on your phone, including text messages, emails, and contact numbers, so it is very useful.

What tools can you use to convert an image to PDF?

Depending on the need you have, you can choose some of the options that we have indicated. If you do not want your device to be full of extra applications, it is best to go to a conversion website.

In case you want to do it directly and at the same time convert a variety of information, then what converts you the most is having an app installed on your phone.

Other ways to convert a document to PDF are given to you by the same Windows programs, specifically Word, Excel and Powerpoint , which give you the option of storing the information on your computer in that format.

How to import the PDF file from the online converter to your gallery?

This is one of the essential steps to follow in order to import a PDF document on your device or personal computer.

Depending on the interface you are working on, the procedures may vary , however they are all more or less similar. The converters usually show a button that works to download the PDF once converted, these go to a folder on your device or smartphone for convenience.

If they do not offer this option, the documents remain on the same page, what you should do is click the right mouse button and choose the save option, in this way you will be storing the PDF.

In this way, you can enjoy your converted PDF file and thus not worry about not being connected to the internet. You can also edit the PDF document you just created at any time using any of the methods we have mentioned.


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