How to convert from PDF to image

Converting from PDF to JPG image can be a great need when you need to share some kind of file. The truth is that files with this extension are not always compatible and for that reason it is necessary to be able to change its format to that of an image that can be shared in a much easier way and is also useful when we want to share through messaging.

The truth is that there are many ways that you can convert a PDF to an image, starting with the Adobe Acrobat program itself that allows you natively , either in the downloadable version or in the online version, to convert your file to the image format that you require.

There are also different websites that allow you to convert PDF files into images in a few seconds, you simply have to upload the file, process it and then you can download it in the chosen image format, although in some cases it may ask you to create an account or also include some kind of watermark that you don’t want.

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Convert PDF to Image with Adobe Acrobat

With Adobe Acrobat you can convert any PDF file into an image in seconds, whether you choose a PNG, TIFF or JPG extension . You can do it from your favorite browser, although it is quite comfortable to do it from Google Chrome.

To carry out the process you only need to follow the following steps:

  1. First you must go to the Adobe Acrobat website , then you must take the file you want and drag it to the browser, in the loading area.
  2. You can also press the blue button with the name “select a file” and a window will appear so that you can choose the document to convert.
  3. After selecting the document that you are going to convert with the online tool , then you must choose the image file format to which you want to convert it.
  4. Then click on the Convert to JPG button.
  5. Finally you only have to download your image file , as you can also log into the tool to share it directly.

In the same way, you can also try Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for free for seven days , which is available for Mac or Windows operating systems. This tool allows you to edit, merge or split PDF files, add files to them and eliminate or reduce the size of their pages, convert files to GIF and convert PDF documents to JPG and many other file formats.

You can also follow the same steps to convert a PDF file to JPG on your phone or tablet. Simply select the PDF file you want to convert, select the image file format you want and click on the Convert to JPG option.

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Other options to convert PDF to JPG

Besides Adobe Acrobat, you can also try using other alternatives that are available on the web to quickly convert your file. The procedure to convert these types of files is similar to that of Adobe Acrobat.

You must select or drag the file , then you must choose the type of format you want to convert to, then start the process and wait a few minutes to download it in the desired format. You can try the following options:

  1. FreePDFConvert
  2. SmallPDF
  3. iLovePDF
  4. PDF2Go
  5. PDFToImage

Any of these options that we have mentioned before will be useful so that you can convert the PDF file to an image without any problem. You must be careful of the type of document that you will convert since these online services store the files on their servers before they are downloaded and you could be exposing sensitive information and personal data.

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