How Many Characters Are There In Genshin Impact

In this spectacular video game the genshin impact has a large number of characters you can choose and decide how to form your team.

There are more than 30 characters available and, as usual, each of them has a defined role with attributes, skills and special battles.

Characters in genshin impact

Before you know how many characters there are in genshin impact you should know that there are several ways to acquire these characters.

  1. Sometimes you will get some characters that you can get for free by completing missions as rewards.
  2. Spend Starlight with paimon in the bargain shop to get a character straight away.
  3. Make wishes in Gachapon, here you can get any character randomly genshin impact.

List of characters in genshin impact

  1. Bennett
  2. dione
  3. Albedo
  4. Razor
  5. kaeya
  6. Qiqi
  7. Noelle
  8. Zhongli
  9. Amber
  10. Hu Tao
  11. Dilute
  12. Xiao
  13. Ningguang
  14. Fischl
  15. Rosaria
  16. Yanfei
  17. Winch
  18. Jean
  19. Eula
  20. Chongyun
  21. clover
  22. Lisa
  23. Sucrose
  24. traveler
  25. Xinyan
  26. Keqing
  27. Barbara
  28. Mona
  29. Xingchiu
  30. Kaedehara kazuha
  31. Ganyu
  32. Tartaglia
  33. Xiangling
  34. Beidou

Those are the characters that are out there at the moment, genshin impact clearly, until more comes out.


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