Rohrol in Genshin Impact: How to Get 5-Star Characters

IN Genshin impactrerol is one of the ways to get 5-star characters for free at the very beginning of the game. However, we note right away that this method can take a lot of time. In this guide, we will tell you how to reroll heroes and describe the fastest option.

What is gacha and reroll

To begin with, we note that this role-playing action game is based on the so-called “Gacha” system, which consists in the player spinning a roulette wheel in the hope of getting 5-star characters or weapons. To spin the “wheel of fortune”, you must first purchase the items of the prayer “Fateful Encounters” and “Intertwining Fates” for premium currency.

However, miHoYo decided to support the novice players by letting them spin the roulette wheel 10 times for free. This bonus is called”Beginner’s Prayer”… However, the probability of dropping out cool heroes and weapons is as small as for other users. This is where the reroll comes in.

The reason is that it allows you to get an almost unlimited number (it all depends on your patience) attempts to participate in the corresponding lottery by creating new accounts. However, it is not enough just to register a new profile and enter the game – you will need to perform a number of tedious actions, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Note:Even an experienced gamer can take 30-40 minutes of real time for one run, and a beginner will probably spend at least an hour. The probability of knocking out a 5-star fighter is 0.6 percent, so prepare in advance to spend a few days getting the desired team.

How to reroll

Step-by-step instruction

The first step is to prepare approximately 10-15 new email addresses. You can choose any service, from Google to Rambler. Next, create a new account, select the Traveler gender and view the start-up screen.

Note: You, of course, can register using your profiles on social networks, but you hardly have a sufficient number of “left” pages, so we advise you to stay on a regular e-mail.

When you finally appear in the game world, listen to what Paimon has to say to you and run to complete the starting story missions from the first chapter of the prologue called “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”… You will have to go through almost all of this quest chain, reaching the 7th adventure rank.

After meeting Venti and the dragon, flee to Mondstadt, meeting Amber on the way. Reach the city and go to the signal marker on the tower. You will then unlock Hover and can fight Dwalin, the Storm Dread. There is nothing difficult in this battle, since you just need to shoot at the enemy, who will not counterattack you.

Having dealt with the dragon at this stage, go down to the Ordo Favonius headquarters and talk to various characters, including Lisa and Keia. When the last cutscene in this location ends, you will finally unlock the Beginner’s Prayer. We told you more about the passage of this task in a separate guide .

Now open your in-game mail through the Paymon menu and look through all emails there to get 10 free prayer items. Then go to the section with banners by pressing the “F3” key or by clicking on the source stone icon in the upper right corner.

Choose any banner you like. Naturally, you should turn those of them that give an increased chance of getting 5-star heroes. For instance,”Wanderlust”allows you to get Ke Qing, Mona or Qi Qi. If you have extra primohems (you will receive 1600 as a reward for beginners), then spend them on additional prayers.

If you managed to get at least one 5-star hero, then we advise you to stop there and continue to pump this account. Otherwise, register the profile again and start the passage of the prologue from the very beginning.

How to speed up a reroll

The probability of dropping characters with a rarity of 5 stars is 0.6 percent, and 4 stars is 5.1 percent, so it may take you several attempts to get them (a lot here depends on the randomness). However, we can give you some tips for speeding up the initial missions so that you do not have to wait an hour for access to the Newbie’s Prayer:

  • Remember to use sprint and climb to cover longer distances in less time. For example, it will often be faster not to run up the stairs, but simply to climb onto the fence. Keep an eye on your stamina, however, as if it runs out, you can easily fall off a cliff and die.
  • Do not pay attention to opponents – when you go to the city, then try to avoid monsters and enemy camps that will meet you along the way. Even if they noticed you, then you don’t need to try to fight them. Just run away from them, and soon they will leave you behind.
  • Do not be distracted by chests and collecting materials – you can do all this after obtaining the necessary characters. An exception to this is the chest, which contains a star sparkle that allows you to receive free prayers. Its location is shown in the screenshot below.
  • In the task “Unexpected Forces” use elemental skill (key “E”) to kill slimes.
  • In the quest “Keeping pace with the wind” use the archer Amber to quickly kill the hilichurls from a long distance.
  • Do not complete the cooking task. Moving towards the city, you will meet a girl named Lin, who can teach you local cooking. Skip this quest as it is optional to complete.
  • To quickly defeat Storm Dread, simply hold the crosshair on it without releasing the attack button.

What characters should be knocked out when rerolling

The most important thing is to get a hero with a rarity of 5 stars, for example, Zhong Li or Dilyuk. However, among the 4-star characters, there are some pretty interesting options. The image below shows the effectiveness of all heroes in Genshin Impact. If you manage to get at least one S + fighter, then consider yourself very lucky.

However, even a couple of A-characters will allow you to assemble a good team. For this reason, don’t reroll your perfect group of 5-star heroes alone, as you will be wasting your time. In a separate guide, we’ve covered the best characters in the game. Study it to determine the desired composition of your group.

Is it possible to get banned for rerol

Quicker NOthan yes, since for this the developers will need to ban you by IP, which they are unlikely to do, since it is almost impossible to keep track of all users. They only slightly complicated the task for the players, not allowing to register several accounts under one e-mail.

In addition, the creation of new profiles is beneficial for the company itself, as it improves their statistics and helps in creating a positive background for attracting investors. However, we still advise you not to get carried away and not try to reroll 20-30 times (if you have enough patience for this at all).

How to reroll on PS4 and PS5

We recommend that you reroll on computers or mobile devices as it takes less time. The fact is that on PS4 and PS5, instead of using the standard miHoYo ID, you actually connect your PSN account to the game. As such, you’ll need to use the brand new PlayStation Network profile to reset your progress.

How to add a new PSN account:

  1. Hold the PS button on your controller.
  2. Scroll down to the Power option and select Change User.
  3. Select a new user.
  4. Create a new PSN account.

How to reroll on PS4 and PS5:

  1. Download Genshin Impact from PlayStation Store.
  2. Start the game as usual and get to the Novice Prayer.
  3. If you are going to roll, then exit the game and start it on a new PSN account (you do not need to download the RPG again).

Note that it is impossible to get a ban for a reroll on PlayStation consoles, since this moment is simply absent in the user agreement, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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