Ways to Get Free Gems from Brawl Stars

I am going to explain to you what the methods of getting free gems at Brawl Stars are for . Just read below!

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Ways to Get Free Gems from Brawl Stars

This video explains very well and summarizes all the ways to get free gems from brawl stars, but below I will leave a list of the methods.

Legal Methods To Get Free Gems From Brawl Stars

  • Completion of the Free Brawl Pass
  • Buy them in the store.
  • By participating in Real Money Community giveaways that you can redeem for gems.
  • Participate in competitions or special events organized by Brawl Stars
  • Finalist in the Brawl Stars Map Builder

In the past they were also achieved by opening boxes, but this is no longer the case.

Scam To Get FREE GEMS Brawl Stars

These methods mentioned below are wrong and you could lose real money or your account on brawl stars, using these methods, you will never be able to get free gems. DO YOU REMEMBER!

  • Any method of getting free gems not listed above is wrong.
  • Gem generator sites for brawl stars no human review etc.
  • Fraudulent websites that ask for your phone number.
  • Fake apps that promise free gems
  • Hacks and other modifications of Brawl Stars
  • CAUTION! WITH THE ADVERTISEMENTS THAT Fool you, YOU SAY YOU CAN HAVE FREE GEMS by entering PERSONAL DETAILS like your phone number, account, brawl stars and more


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