How to get characters for free in Genshin Impact

IN Genshin impactmany players are interested in the question of how to get characters for their team for free . The fact is that there are dozens of different heroes in the game with different skills and characteristics, some of them being slightly better than others.

However, to knock them out, you need to buy Prayer items “Fateful Encounters” and “Intertwining Fates”, and then hope that the god of randomness will smile at you and give you 5-star heroes. You can buy these little things for the source stones, which are most easily mined for real money. Of course, not everyone is ready to donate to the game, so we decided to consider several ways to get certain fighters for free.

Free default characters

Naturally, not all heroes in this action RPG drop out only for prayers, otherwise most players would have to run around the world alone in the first half of the game. When completing the first tasks of the Archons, you can encounter several fighters who will later join your team for free, namely:

  • Amberis a Pyro archer that you will get into your squad almost immediately after completing Chapter 1 “Scout Brought by the Wind” from the Prologue.
  • Keiais a Cryo Swordsman who joins the team after completing a trip to the Temple of the Wolf of the North as part of the Obstacle Course .
  • Lisais an electro witch using a catalyst. You can take her to your squad after completing the “Sparks Among the Pages” mission of the first chapter of the Prologue.
  • Barbarais a Hydro Catalyst Nun. It is given out to everyone who reached Adventure Rank 20 and created an account prior to Update 1.1 (not verified).
  • Xiang Ling- Pyro is a spearman and an excellent chef. She can become a member of your team after passing the third floor of the Twisted Abyss .

Quite a good set of heroes, but just for the beginning – later you will need more highly specialized packs of characters. However, we do not advise you to throw them, as Xiang Ling, for example, is an excellent secondary damage dealer, and Barbara can be used as a healer even at a later stage.

Beginner’s Prayer

In order not to shock novice players with the donation system and the endless grind of primohems, the developers decided to give them the opportunity to knock out a couple of good characters after completing the first few missions. To do this, they give them 10 tries for the Beginner’s Prayer banner. Within the framework of it, with a 100% probability, you can get the adorable maid Noelle, belonging to the Geo element and masterfully wielding a two-handed sword.

In addition to this young lady, you can also knock out:

  • Dilyuka, Ke Qing, Monu or Jinn (5 stars).
  • Bennett, Raizor, Ning Guang, Chun Yun, Bei Dou, Xing Qiu, Xiang Ling, Sucrose or Barbara (4 stars).

If you come across duplicates of free or existing characters, then we advise you to reroll , that is, re-create a new account and try all over again. True, this method can take several hours, or even more.

Events and promotions

Sometimes special events are held in miHoYo, during which you can get not only weapons and artifacts, but also “paid” characters. At the moment, the following similar events have been held:

  • Gain disk- could get Dione.
  • Lost Stars- Fischl could be obtained.
  • Thunderstorm Prints- Bei Doe can be obtained.

It is possible that these events will be reactivated in the future. We will also list all current promotions here.

Prayer events character

If you do not want to spend real money on the game, you should not completely dismiss Prayers as a way to get good heroes for free. The fact is that after about an hour of play, all beginners are given 1600 source stones, for which you can buy 10 “Intertwining Fates” for temporary banners.

In these prayers, the drop rate of certain heroes is increased. Plus, don’t forget about the guarantor system, which will 100% allow you to knock out a 5-star character on your 90th attempt. In the manual for this mechanic, we constantly provide up-to-date information on banners .

We add that there are many ways to farm primohems without the need to invest real currency. We talked about them in a separate guide

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