How many chests are there in genshin impact

In this article you will find how many chests are there in genshin impact, what rewards they will bring you and where to find them.En genshin impact chests are important items when it comes to traveling in this great adventure. Thanks to them, we receive infinite rewards. Of course, don’t miss any chest you find along the way.

How many chests are there? genshin impact

There are a total of four classes of different official chests in this video game, although there are also two more, these chests are special because they have a different method of finding them and also have a rarity index, but the latter two bring their reward a better one although it is a little tricky to achieve.

  • Common chest

The reward is to give 20 EXP adventure rank, weapons, blackberries, artifacts, experience materials of the characters, 3 badges of the region you are in. If the chest is locked before opening, you will receive 2 Protogems that you can find around the world.

  • Demanding chest

The reward is 2 to 5 protogems, you also get 20 or 30 EXP adventure rank, a certain amount of artifacts, blackberries, weapons, experience materials of the characters and finally 4 badges of the region in which you are located. You find yourself after defeating multiple enemies or completing a challenge or puzzle.

  • Precious chest

Your reward is 30 Adventure Rank EXP, 5 Protogems, Blackberries, Artifacts, Weapons, Character Experience Materials, and you will also receive 4 to 10 Badges. These are hidden in different locations and you will see them when you defeat a number of enemies or complete a challenge or puzzle.

  • Luxurious chest

Your reward is 30 Adventure Rank XP, Character Experience Materials, Blackberries, Weapons, Artifacts and 10 Protogems. These chests are very unusual, you can find them in the Sanctuaries of the Depths or in very hidden places after defeating enemies or solving challenges or puzzles.


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