How to Track Nacex Packages

The sending of emails by mailboxes has been displaced by digital platforms, however, the express courier service or package delivery is in force. This process is carried out in the most automated way possible, with the aim that shipments reach their destinations quickly and for this, companies such as Didi have been created whose home delivery service operation is similar to Nacex.

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  1. Is the Nacex parcel good?
  2. How does the shipment locator that Nacex offers us work?
  3. How can I track my package?
    1. Track from your PC
    2. Track from your mobile
  4. What can I do in case of an incident in the shipment?

Is the Nacex parcel good?

With more than 25 years of experience in the market, Nacex has positioned itself not only in Spain but in other parts of Europe as a responsible, reliable and safe company where you can shake hands with MRW in the sense of package shipments and seniority. .

Each user has a different experience, however, in 2017 the Organization of Consumers and Users , labeled it as one of the most competent companies in the continent, focused on having good logistics and offering quality services.

How does the shipment locator that Nacex offers us work?

People report feeling satisfied when using Nacex to move packages . One of the elements that influence this opinion is that users can use the localization service of your product. The company’s workers are in charge of constantly checking the status of the packages, and updating this information in the system, allowing the owner to be in tune with the situation of their merchandise.

How can I track my package?

Tracking the package is possible, as well as knowing the situation it is in. All this can be done online , in the same way, it is possible to contact an agency worker by phone.

Track from your PC

For this, the user must access the Nacex website from the computer , locate the section for monitoring and fill out the form with the requested data. The client must complete data such as, collection request number, reference with the agency / client code, dispatch number. When filling in the data, you must click on ‘Search’ and a window will automatically appear on your computer with the status of the package .

Track from your mobile

Nowadays it is common for people to prefer to perform tasks from their mobile. For this reason, Nacex launched an application that facilitates the tracking of shipments which can be downloaded for Android and iOS, in their respective application stores.

In the application, the mobile camera is enabled with the function of capturing the image of the barcode of the package. Thanks to this, it is possible to streamline the service and have the information available in real time. To enjoy the benefits of the application, the user is suggested to create a profile, through this they will be able to obtain data such as an estimate of the delivery time, announce the arrival, among others.

What can I do in case of an incident in the shipment?

It is possible that in some situations, there are problems that make the client not feel comfortable with the service provided. If this is the case, the user can express their claim with the intention that the company resolves the matter. In case of incidents due to delay in the delivery time of the merchandise, lack of content, theft, damage, the user must file a claim presenting evidence.

On the other hand, incidents of another cause can be presented in the form of a claim through different customer service channels, it can be by telephone, through email , instant messaging enabled on the website, and even via Twitter. Nacex will be in charge of analyzing the event, verifying the incidents, with the intention of correcting it to prevent it from happening again. Providing an efficient and safe service is the main objective of the company.


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