How can I play Encounters on Badoo if I lost a partner?

In this opportunity it is important to be able to activate the superpowers in Badoo to flirt through the encounters that the App can offer. In case you do not have a partner, but you want to meet someone to make an appointment and go out to meet, Badoo is the platform ideal. Through the encounters you will enter the world of digital dating offered by the new era.

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  1. What is the Dating game on Badoo and what is it for?
  2. How do I play Encounters on Badoo and meet more people?
    1. What is the way that Encuentros works?
    2. What happens if I run out of partners to play in Encounters?
  3. What can I do to make my profile more noticeable on Badoo?

What is the Dating game on Badoo and what is it for?

Badoo is a social network that has evolved along with the needs of users, it should be noted that together with its new update of making video calls from the chats section, there is also the “Meetings” section , the most entertaining part of the Badoo experience.

The dating section on Badoo is a tool that the app offers to show people around you. The best thing about this tool is that it will show you the profiles of the users that match your search specifications. In this way, it is shown that “Encounters” can be used to chat with people who are nearby and want to go on a date.

How do I play Encounters on Badoo and meet more people?

To get into Badoo and play in the “Encounters” section, what you should do is go to the platform to search on the left side, right where all the options appear such as: Messages, likes, favorites, visits and friends, the category that says precisely “Encounters” .

After selecting the Encounters option, the profiles of the people who are nearby and also want to play to have an encounter will appear. To get to know more people, what you should do is find out if someone who is online is interested so that they can play. That part works like when you want to know who likes you in the App in the close people part.

What is the way that Encuentros works?

The dating feature on Badoo is to find the profile of a person you like to make an appointment. But in order to interact as such with people, you have to understand how it works correctly, or rather the ideal way in which it should be used.

As we have already explained, Badoo will be in charge of showing you the profiles at the end with your tastes and specifications that are in the same section so that they can coincide.

Now, to specify the game of encounters as such, the profiles will appear with two options. The first option is that of a heart, that serves to indicate that you liked the person or caught your attention and you would like a meeting. If you give heart to that profile, the person has the option of returning the heart to indicate that they would also like the meeting, otherwise the person can ignore said reaction.

After the first option, which is the heart, you will find the second alternative that corresponds to an “X” or a cross as a sign of rejection. If that profile does not attract your attention, what you should do is select the cross to go to the next profile and thus find the ideal person.

What happens if I run out of partners to play in Encounters?

In case you are using Badoo to interact in the dating section, but none of the profiles that are also near you and are in the meeting section catches your attention, it does not mean that you have run out of options.

If you are left without a partner to play in “Encounters” what you should do is update your profile regarding the location (You can expand the limits, but you must not lie, remember that it is a game of encounters), tastes and specific characteristics in terms of to the profiles you are looking for.

What can I do to make my profile more noticeable on Badoo?

Authenticity will always be something that will attract attention, for this reason when you enter Badoo you have to create an original and real profile.   Remember that people are struck by being able to know and know about your specific tastes. It is very important to update your profile photos constantly as well as your tastes, in this way you will have an attractive profile that will allow you to meet more people.


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