3 Best Places for Car Encounters in GTA 5

Car encounters are one of the best ways to interact or socialize with other players, mainly because of the large car community in GTA 5 and also because of the number of cool customizable vehicles out there. There are even entire crews that focus on car meetings. This article lists the 3 best places to host car gatherings in GTA 5.

Top 3 best places for car encounters in GTA 5 6

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Top 3 best places for car encounters in GTA 5:

Top 3 best places for car encounters in GTA 5 7

3. The Jetty, Pacific Bluffs:

Top 3 best places for car encounters in GTA 5 8

The Jetty is a 7-star hotel on the edge of Pacific Bluffs , just a few blocks from Del Perro Beach. It is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Los Santos. This makes the perfect location for a car meeting. The Jetty’s parking lots are connected to the side road connecting Cougar Avenue to the Great Ocean Highway. The palm trees, sandy beaches, orange skies and elevated surface provide the perfect backdrop for a chic car gathering. In fact, it’s so perfect that it’s even used as a car rendezvous location in a corporate battle mission.

2. The Diamond Casino and Resort Parking Lot:

Top 3 best places for car encounters in GTA 5 9

The Diamond Casino and Heist DLC was introduced in GTA 5 Online in July 2019. It featured a community, shared parking space for players who did not own the Penthouse Garage to temporarily park their vehicles. This of course makes for a good car meeting location. The multiple parking spaces ensure that there is enough space for almost all players in the session to park their car. The background and setting of the Car Park is also very minimal and clean with a beige accent and soft neon signs on the walls. The added bonus of the parking garage is that weapons or weaponized vehicles cannot be used and vehicles cannot be driven freely in the parking garage, protecting it from mourners.

1. Los Santos Car Meet:

Top 3 best places for car encounters in GTA 5 10

What better place to host a car gathering than the one Rockstar Games intended. The Los Santos Car Meet is a large social space added as part of the Los Santos Tuners DLC. It features a fully featured mod shop where players can customize their vehicles in real time. It also includes a new test track where players can drift freely and show off their vehicles. Like the Casino Parking Garage, the Los Santos Car Meet does not allow any kind of mourning.

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