Microsoft Teams: how does it work to work remotely?

The Microsoft Teams platform is one of the most used today by many companies. This is because it greatly promotes teleworking and allows employees to perform better based on organization and cooperation.

By using it you can have access to the labor sector from any device. In addition, you stay informed of the news , you will be able to be aware of your obligations with the company and attend your work meetings

It should be noted that if the business sector is capable of handling all the tools it offers, it will have better control as well as its employees.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits and many of the features that Microsoft Teams has to offer , you are in the ideal place, since here you will learn much more about the platform.

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  1. What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams for our work?
  2. What are the main characteristics of this work platform?
    1. Status messages
    2. Shifts
    3. Power App for crisis management
    4. Corporate news center
    5. Unified task management
  3. How can I remotely access Micrososft Teams?
  4. How can I use Microsoft Teams on my cell phone or PC?

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams for our work?

Among the benefits that Microsoft Teams offers , is the possibility it offers to maintain a good performance in terms of teleworking . This means that employees can enjoy the tools to keep an efficient work rhythm.

It is designed to cover many areas that promote efficiency in a company , since you can send messages, find out about changes and modifications of relevant and interesting activities that are published, and much more.

What are the main characteristics of this work platform?

The Microsoft Teams platform has many features that make task management and development easier . Below you will see some of the most outstanding and that users find it quite useful.

Status messages

Status messages is a useful feature when you need to leave important information for users who have to contact you to see it. You can write in it if you need them to know if a problem occurred to you, if you will be available or not, or any other information.

This option is available for you to use from any device and is in the user’s menu bar so you can define your status message.


The shift option is one of the most efficient for Firstline Workers, since it gives the possibility of providing a better organization in terms of their work shifts . In it you can add, modify, exchange or remove your work days, days off, vacations, among others.

Power App for crisis management

The Power App is a fairly innovative function, since it provides different tools so that in the event of any circumstance that occurs in the company, a correct and organized management can be carried out.

It publishes news of any kind that may be of interest . Users can also specify information about their availability or where they are. You can make calls, send documents, etc.

Corporate news center

SharePoint is present on the Microsoft Teams platform. This gives the possibility that the employees of a company can always be aware of the latest news if they access it. This in terms of events, managerial changes, and much more.

Unified task management

This function promotes the completion of pending tasks in which the time limit in which they must be carried out, the priorities among them and many other functions can be specified to go towards greater effectiveness and work organization.

How can I remotely access Micrososft Teams?

First, remote access must be activated from the Microsoft Teams configuration option . After the invitation is made, you activate the guest access, allow the meeting , etc. Set all the options and make sure they are “ON”. Once this is done, you will be able to enjoy communicating with Skype users.

How can I use Microsoft Teams on my cell phone or PC?

First you must log in to Teams and in case you are from a PC, the Microsoft Teams option will appear on Windows Start. If you are connected from a cell phone, you just have to press the Teams icon. The username and password are those used in Microsoft 365 .

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