How to Unlock Encounters In Genshin Impact

Find out how the Genshin Impact Character Encounter system works and learn about the requirements to unlock them, how to make choices to see the endings, and what rewards you will earn.

Daniel González ·12:31 PM 3/17/2021


  1. How to unlock the Encounter system?
  2. How do the Meetings work? Decisions, endings and repetition
  3. Rewards for completing Encounters

As of version 1.4 of Genshin Impact , in the free title of miHoYo, we have available a new game system called Encounters . This system consists of legendary missions related to the main characters , something like a dating sim with which we can spend time with our favorite characters and become their friends.

In this section of our complete guide we show you how to unlock this Encounters feature and what its features and rewards are .


How to unlock the Encounter system?

The Encounter system is not available from the first moment in your game of Genshin Impact, you actually first need to meet the following two requirements in order to unlock access to this feature:

  • Must have reached:Adventure Rank 26 minimum.
  • You must have completed:Archon’s quest “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom.”

The aforementioned mission is the last in the arc of main missions related to the game’s prologue, so it wo n’t take you too many hours to get to it. However, getting to level 26 will probably take you a little longer. Remember to take a look at our tips section to raise your rank as quickly as possible.

How to get Legendary Keys

Once you meet the two aforementioned requirements, you will unlock access to the Encounters from the Mission Panel menu , within the Legendary Missions section. Now, to access a character encounter you will also need to spend two legendary keys . This class of items are achieved in the following way:

  • Complete 8 assignments of the day –to get a Legendary Key in exchange.
  • After completing the tasks:open your diary interface and claim the rewards to get the legendary key.
  • Remember that you can only:carry 3 Legendary Keys with you at the same time, so be sure to claim them when you finish orders and use them if you are at your limit and need more.

The good news is that once you spend both of your Legendary Keys to open an Encounter with a character, you will never have to use keys with that character again in the future (that is, their encounter will be permanently available and free).

How do the Meetings work? Decisions, endings and repetition

As we have said before, the Encounters are a type of legendary missions in which we interact with a Genshin Impact character and spend time with him to get to know him better.

  • These missions work as a kind of visual novelor dating simulator.
  • In the Encounters we have multiplechoices in the plot and our decisions influence the course of the story and the final outcome .
  • Depending on which dialogueswe choose at each moment, the Encounter will deviate one way or another.
  • Each character can have up to 6 possible endingsin their encounter; which are called a souvenir of the trip.
  • We can repeat an Unlocked Encounter as many times as we wantto explore the different deviations.

At the launch of the function, up to 4 encounters were added; featuring Barbara, Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett (but miHoYo has already confirmed that more characters with their own encounters will be included over time ).

To start an Encounter we only have to access the Legendary Missions – Encounters menu , and choose the character we want. Then you have to use the two legendary keys and from there we will receive the objectives in a natural way and we will have access to the screen with the flow of decisions and the history of the encounter (which at first will be blank).

How to keep your heart rate high and not miss an Encounter

It is important to note that in the Encounter system there is a mechanic present in which we must be paying attention to not fail the mission and be able to complete it. This mechanic is known as the palpitations and it is represented by the 5 heart icons in the upper right part of the screen while we carry out the mission.

  • The character’s palpitations will show you if the encounter is running smoothly.
  • If the heart rate is too low, the mission may fail, forcing you to start over.
  • To keep the palpitations high,choose dialogues that please the Encounter character and in this way he will be happy.

In case you fail the mission, don’t worry because you can repeat it as many times as you want. Getting your missing endings and exploring the variations is a breeze because you can check the match’s decision tree screen and jump straight to pick moments that you haven’t seen yet.

Rewards for completing Encounters

Each completed Encounter will grant you different rewards of all kinds. Depending on the number of memories of the trip that you have managed to see, these rewards will increase, so it is recommended that you complete all possible endings to get even more rewards.

Among the items that can be obtained for completing Encounters are the following:

  • Memories of the trip (photographs to remember the missions with the characters).
  • Protogems .
  • Elemental gems of character ascension .
  • Experience books.
  • Talent books.
  • Adventure EXP.
  • Food plates .

Remember that these rewards associated with the endings must be claimed from the Encounter screen.

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