How to get Intertwined Destinations and Fate Encounters

We tell you how to get Intertwined Destinations and Fate Encounters in Genshin Impact, a very valuable item that helps you make wishes in the Gachapon and obtain characters and weapons.

The Intertwined Fates and Encounters of Fate are a very valuable item within the world of Genshin Impact since thanks to these you can make wishes in the Gapachón , which translates into randomly obtaining new characters and weapons in exchange . In this section of our complete guide we show you the ways that exist to achieve this kind of destination.

How to get Intertwined Destinations and Fate Encounters

Both Intertwined Fates and Fate Encounters can be obtained in identical ways . Just keep in mind that one of them is used to redeem standard wishes and the other to redeem event or limited-time wishes.

In any case, these are the main ways to earn Intertwined Fates and Fate Encounters in Genshin Impact.


Buy with Protogemas

The protogemas can be achieved in multiple ways free in the game, as we have seen elsewhere in our guide. One of the main uses of protogems is to invest them in buying interlocking destinies and destiny encounters.

  • 160 protogemscan be spent in exchange for an entwined fate or fate encounter.
  • You can exchange protogems for destinations in the Shop menu, within the Bargains section of Paimon.
  • When you go to make a wish, if you need a destination that you don’t have, the game itself will tell you that you can redeem the protogemsas a payment method.

Buy with Stardust and Starburst

Destinations can also be purchased with Ownerless Stardust and Starlight, two more types of currency that can be obtained at the Gachapon by making your own wishes.

  • You can go to the Store sectionand enter the Piamon Bargains section .
  • There you will find a “Redeem Starburst” menu and a “Redeem Stardust” menu.
  • You can use 75 Stardustto get an Entwined Fate or Fate Encounter in exchange (currently 40% off this action).
  • You can use 5 Starburstto get an Interlocking Fate or Fate Encounter in return.

Get them as adventure rewards

Although this option does not happen often and is a not very fast way to achieve intertwined destinies and destiny encounters, it should not be ruled out. And it is that sometimes you can get both destinations by raising your Adventure Rank and claiming the rewards of the levels in the Adventurers Guild. Go there to take a look when you level up to collect the prizes.

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