How to delete someone else’s Facebook account without them knowing

Facebook is a very popular social network, since it is used by millions of people, highlighting that it is considered the pioneer social network in promoting the arrival of new networks and new media to the digital age. In such a way, as Facebook is a social network used by a large number of people, there are users who have a large number of people added to their profile, they even reach the limit of 5000 added friends and are left without the possibility of adding new people .

For this reason, if you are one of the people who have a large number of friends on Facebook and you want to delete a couple of them , we are going to explain how you can delete that account from your profile without that person knowing about it.

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  1. How can I remove someone from my Facebook friends without them knowing?
  2. How can I get a profile blocked on Facebook?
  3. Methods to delete someone’s account on Facebook
  4. How do I deactivate the account of someone who is impersonating me on Facebook?

How can I remove someone from my Facebook friends without them knowing?

On many occasions, users’ profiles are not simply added as friends, but only that person is followed to see their publications , then when they no longer want to see their publications, they stop following and that’s it, that person will not do it. notice.

On the other hand, when a profile is added as a friend, if there are more possibilities that the owner notices it for different reasons: you stop leaving at the beginning, they do not see you online in the chat again or Facebook positions your profile in people who perhaps know to add you, but as such, Facebook will not send a notification advising that the account has been removed from your friends list. The steps to delete an account from your profile are as follows:

  1. Enter Facebookto find the profile of the person you want to delete.
  2. Click on the left part where three dots appear.
  3. Select the option that says friends.
  4. Select the part where it says “Remove from my friends.”

Now, the solution so that a person does not notice that they have deleted it is to block it , because Facebook will eliminate any type of relationship and connection between the profiles.

How can I get a profile blocked on Facebook?

Getting Facebook to block a profile is not a very simple task, it is easier to delete a like that has been given by mistake than to achieve a block immediately. For Facebook to be able to block an account, the user must be in breach of the rules established by the social network.

What a person can do as a user is to report the account to indicate or alert Facebook that the community’s rules are being violated, however, for the profile to be blocked, it is necessary for it to receive several consecutive complaints from it. Reason, because Facebook cannot block a profile for just one complaint received.

Methods to delete someone’s account on Facebook

The methods to delete a Facebook friend are not many, if you want to delete someone’s account on Facebook you must follow the steps that we have indicated in the section where we explain how to remove your Facebook friends without them knowing . These steps are the same that you must follow to do them from a computer, cell phone or Tablet.

However, there is a trick to have it added to a profile, but in your account nothing comes out of that person, it is as if you did not have it added. What you must do is enter the profile of the person and in the three points that appear on the left side instead of eliminating what you must select is “Stop following” , in this way that person will never realize that in your profile it is as if it does not exist and you do not have it added.

How do I deactivate the account of someone who is impersonating me on Facebook?

This is a very sensitive issue, because it is someone who is stealing your identity, for this reason if a person is using your data and photos to impersonate you, they are committing a crime. A person can have several accounts on Facebook, but ideally they should be with their identity.

In the event that someone is using an account with your data, you must report and report so that Facebook takes action on the matter, it is an action that you must repeat as many times as necessary since the deactivation of an account can only be done from the owner’s profile or Facebook directly for a crime such as usurping identity.


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